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    Hi Seven and Talasia:

    Ok, thats good to know. I am not up to date on the new stuff with SMC, so this helps me get a bit up to date.

    As you know , today we chatted via email about my intention of putting up an SMC Coop MP server .. (shh ! its a secret !) ...and purpose of this question I was just curious about what to include as assets in the mod, what your recommendaitons are. Im all for including as much stuff as possible to see how well the MP experience is, and as well as the new idea for a chasecam in SMC for the MP mode. I guess I will just give it my best shot and let you know.

    Also while I can think of it, were you able to get that other monster I emailed you created by MAdFox to work? You seemed to think it would fit well into your mod.


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      Hello Cobalt,

      As you know, I never played multiplayer with the "small mod compilation".
      I have doubts that people will have a good performance.
      There have been some people reporting performance issues while playing coop with this mod enabled, but on the other hand there have also been people which didnt have issues.
      You should test it thoroughly. Please keep me informed how your experience was.

      Regarding Madfox´s Shield-Ogre:
      I think it was a misunderstanding. I only mentioned that Madfox can use the code which I wrote for the warlord. Both monsters have a shield, so ...
      I did not work on the shield-ogre myself yet. But I would do it the same way as for the warlord. Please look into its .qc file and also into combat.qc and weapons.qc if you are interested.
      We can continue talking about it via email if you like.

      Warm regards from very hot Germany.


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        The download link doesn't work. It says "Error, file not found".


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          Seven nails it again!

          These look great! I'm going to download and try them out here in a while. I have been waiting for a good replacement for the Knight's in Quake. Way to go you are always making the coolest looking additions!
          Make no mistakes here... I'm not a mere madman... I'm a realist!


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            Me too.

            Hey Seven i'm getting the error file not found message as well. I will try it again later or tomorrow as it could be the way you said with a download limit and such.
            Make no mistakes here... I'm not a mere madman... I'm a realist!


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              All rapidshare links have been deleted since 2014-07-01 (two weeks ago).
              Rapidshare is no longer free.

              Please read through the opening post carefully to see what to expect and what some weak points might be.

              I recommend to all people who use the "small mod compilation", to use the Hellknight version (called Warlord) from the mod over this one here. As the mod corrects the mismatch of some run animations and adds some abilities to the Hellknight (Warlord).
              The Knight replacement is not part of the smc, so the model from here can be used.

              Be careful to not lose your head when fighting against the Knights sharp axe
              It brings several skins to choose from.
              As far as I can see only the monsters runattack has some mismatch to the move-distance of the original monsters, so this animation will have some "sliding" on the ground.

              Other than that, have fun with some new minions in Quake. It should work with all replacement supporting engines and doesnt need a qc mod. Read your engine´s specs concering the replacement texture naming rules if you want to use them (they have the same resolution as the texture baked inside the .mdl, so they are not mandatory).

              I take no responsibility if your computer takes damage of any kind.
              Files reuploaded in 1st post.

              Kind regards.


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                Thank You Seven!

                I got the file downloaded with the new link. As far as Rapidshare goes I noticed that yesterday evening when I tried to sign in and they was asking me for which package I wanted and how much I wanted to pay. I hate how all these good free sites that have been free for as long as I can remember are now starting to charge it's users because they see how popular they are becoming.
                Make no mistakes here... I'm not a mere madman... I'm a realist!


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                  dropbox is great and is totally free, without any rules about what you can upload, and files never expire

                  you do however need to make an account, but doing so is totally free
                  are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                  > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                  everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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                    Hello Resurrected,

                    Do you refer to this auto_closed thread ?

                    If yes, then this is what you want I guess:
           - Hellknight and Knight incl. head replacement
                    Hello, Seven! Unfortunally, your link to file share hosting is dead. Can you reupload your astonishing models of Knight and Hellknight? Thank you so much!


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                      Hi, QuakeOne community! Unfortunally, the time of files keeping on the file hostings has been expired, and they are not available to download anymore.

                      Please, someone, reupload models of Knight and Hellknight.


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                        Hello Resurrected,

                        I found the file from your post from 31st january.
                        You can download it from here
                        Please read the 1st post of this thread regarding the "sliding" issue with the models.
                        As long as you do not care too much about this cosmetic issue, the models work as intended

                        But I do not know what file you are asking for in your post from 4th april.
                        As there is no name involved.
                        Is it the same file ?

                        If not, please specifiy.
                        Have fun with your Quake.

                        Best wishes,


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                          Dear Seven. Thanks a lot for this Knight/HellKnight models, it's exactly what i asked! I am do not notice any issues, IMO models works fine and looks great. Thank you so much again, Seven, for you fantastic Quake improvement and evolvement!

                          Best wishes!