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    I like the fresh look regarding the color scheme But yeah, the game-play seems really close to Xonotic.

    Do you have a source repository somewhere and will you release the art assets under a creative commons license or such?


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      The 1st monster looks sick! Eager to see it textured and rigged. Keep up the good work. Don't worry so much about the artwork at this stage...projects like these evolve over time over the smallest details. You might spend days making a gritty, nasty texture for the monsters and then notice they don't match the environment, or vice versa, and then make changes accordingly...getting a foundation is probably a better thing to focus on right now.
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        Originally posted by Julius View Post
        Do you have a source repository somewhere and will you release the art assets under a creative commons license or such?
        Not publically yet. The game is still in closed Alpha.

        No the resources is not going to be released under GPL. Only the source.


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          Just posting to let you all know that this weekend I was in England playing Doombringer on Lan with the ArenaFPS guys.

          Had a great fgew games of Doombringer and I'll be posting a few videos from it in the near future.


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            Today we had a stream with a showmatch between GMT and Smilecythe.

            Each map won would earn the winner 10.

            Along with us we had Le prax and z0mbie90 to cast. Later Mtrop came on as well and we had a nice discussion to follow the games.



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              Looks good so far, keep it up
              'Replacement Player Models' Project


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                Quake III 2. You did it. Good effing job, maen.



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                  Well, that's not really the goal here. But yes, there are a lot of inspiration taken from Q3, but also from Doom and Quake 1. As well as other areas where I find things I appreciate.


                  There's been a lot of work done since last update. We've had a few KOTH events and that was a lot of fun.

                  But I wanted to show off the development on the armored character.


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                    A lot has happened since I last posted anything here.
                    We now have a website that you can check out at:
                    The game is public alpha now, latest version release being 0.17

                    We're starting to move into the way of working on the single player aspect as the game is at a state where I feel the MP is fairly solid with being a lot more developed than I first had planned.

                    The current version got a rudimentary support for Quake1 SP maps. It's far cry from perfect, but it allows me to playtest without having to make a lot of maps straight away.

                    You can check out the full changelog over here:

                    And lastly here's a WIP of a new enemy character for the game:


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                      I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what the style of the SP will be: previous screenie was some sort of modernized samurai with horns, now a Horus with a napoleonian outfit. Do you have an actual art direction or are you just making it up on the go? Not that there's anything wrong with that, improvisation can produce great results, but I fear a lack of thematic coherence. Then again, Quake has futuristic zombified army, medieval knights, chthonian creatures and references to a real-life artist all wrapped up into the best game ever, so...
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                        @Doombringer - bringing it old school.

                        What is old school about this game? It looks like a bunch of modern assets rendered in a modern engine.


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                          Of course there is art direction. There's quite a lot that goes into informing the design of the characters. Not really going to go very deep into it here though. But I never thought about Horus when designing the Cultist. But the avian influence is of course intentional. But it is an influence that is coupled with the design of a plague doctor. Both these characters belong to the same tribe/society. But they perform different roles in said society. One of them are a heavy armored character, and takes his visual design from a bull. Big and strong. And the other is a less aggressive type and has a more pointed use, so he takes it from a bird of prey.

                          Important is also that all characters got a unique silouette. So they are easily recognizable.

                          The game play of course.


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                            Hey there. It's been a while. Been around on the forum from time to time, but not had much to chime in with. But I figured after .. wow, a lot of years. I should update a bit on the progress of the game.

                            So far we've had an alpha based on the MP part playing for a few years and even held a few tournaments.
                            Multiplayer is less resources to make so it was a good starting point for the game to get the basics down.

                            The single player has been in development more specifically over the last year and we've come a long way on it. So I figured I'd post a few screenshots of that and a video or two showing off the game play with some people playing it.

                            The Motherload playing the game on In the keep's stream.


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                              Hi kristus,

                              great to see progress on the SP part of your mod.
                              It has some great Doom vibes.
                              The monster animations are really nice.
                              I also see lots of extension features.

                              Keep up the good work!