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    Well, the truth is, it really was the work of two different mappers.
    See, when the "trouble" at QuakeOne had happened, I had been getting a bad feeling every time I would've entered the site. And I simply changed. I don't get that bad feeling now, because I know that it's my fault for getting negative attention, lol.

    Anyway, after that, I spent a lot of time working on Counter-Strike 1.6 and Sven Co-op maps, and I lost my taste in Quake mapping. That's at least what I think happened.
    Some parts of my life have changed since the furry debate happened. xd
    But hey, it's good to be back.

    As for the big brick vs. small brick thing, yeah, I understood, I need to make the big ones look thick.
    Also, I've got some new screenshots:

    This leads to:

    This is pretty early, so it needs a lot of stuff.

    I'm also trying to use the default Quake 1 textures, but I might add custom ones as well. Hmm...

    I have some in-game screenshots:

    This is how it looks now. I moved the light somewhere else (and changed their colour).
    However, that made this corner less interesting:

    Oh well, I'll do something about it.

    This part also needs some work. The light also seems to be too bright. Might be the fact that I put _deviance 48, lol. We'll see.
    So, this is a part where my big brick vs. small brick issue is very noticeable. I'll put some more work into it.
    Hmm, I guess I could say the same for the floor:

    And, hooray:

    I've realised that _minlight is a thing in Quake, just like that similar parameter in GoldSRC.
    There's also a lot of other values I could use. I'll edit my .fgd file, then.

    Lastly, this one's for everyone, I'm still having those teleportation problems in DirectQ. DarkPlaces runs like a snail because it uses OpenGL and my GPU hates OpenGL. DirectQ has a much better performance (MUCH better!) on my end, but the teleport doesn't work.
    Whenever I enter the teleport trigger, I get returned to the same spot, instead of teleporting to the destination. Does anyone have any ideas?


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      Unless there's something about DirectQ I don't know about, teleportation is handled entirely on the QC side...are you sure you're using the original progs 1.06 or did you end up with a broken mod somehow?
      'Replacement Player Models' Project


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        Hmm, I'll see about that. It's 02:25 here so I can't check it out right now. I'll see today. xd


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          Well, I don't know how to find out if I have the original progs 1.06 or not. One thing is certain, I have a pirated Quake (don't worry, I'll buy it soon, I just don't have a debit card, yet).

          On the other hand:

          I've added that brick thing. Not sure if it's good this way. But I think it's okay.

          Missing bricks. Hihihi.

          This part is still under construction and definitely does not look like the final map. However, you can see that a big rock will collapse and fall into the water. It will block the hole that way and you won't be able to come back. Having completed Quake, I know that maps are such that they allow you to come back to the start. But by now, I broke that "rule" 2 times. Sorry.

          I've also spent some time crafting a Quake FGD for J.A.C.K. Yay!
          Now I don't have to manually add _color every time I want to add colours to my light entities.


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            I've made that plane, finally! And screw the parachute, I don't want to turn my map into a mod.

            I don't have screenshots yet. I'll post them today, since it's a bit past midnight here.

            My mapping process is also easier now, thanks to my custom FGD file, and I've made a WAD containing Hint and Skip, so I can finally optimise the map in terms of VIS.

            In short, you spawn in the plane, you're given a briefing, and then you get to the back of the plane ("push" a couple of crates out of your way), and then you jump out. Then there's a level change and the player gets dropped off at the castle part where 4Way would originally start, this time with the message "Where's your damn parachute!?". Haha. I like it, I don't know about you.

            I know it is certainly not that traditional Quake-style map spirit, but it's exactly the map style I'm going for. Has a story (but who cares), tries to look like it has scripted sequences (like that falling boulder which blocks you from going back, or forward), and is made by a guy who only started playing Quake 1 in 2017.
            I know, it's unusual. But isn't that what would make the map a refreshing experience? You tell me.


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              (Non-transparent) windows to be added.
              4Way is more like a codename, because I initially planned to make it a "4-way" map. Basically, you go north, unlock the south, go south, unlock east etc.

              The plane isn't the greatest-looking thing in my map, but I was able to make it out of brushes, somehow. xD
              These are a bit older screenshots:

              I decided to reskin the wooden wall into a stone wall, and it looks much more appropriate for this theme, i.m.o.

              And this is more recent:

              Yay, some bricks now stick out.
              (and yes, I use gl_texturemode gl_nearest_mipmap_nearest for some reason)

              I figured out that I can use "_shadow 1" on func_illusionary entities, so I made this nice, little addition.


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                This looks good! Your Landscapes are nice, soft and rolling. I look 4ward to play it :-)
                I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.


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                  Thank you for giving me some motivation to work on the map.


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                    New section:

                    Not sure how to call it. Maybe "The Apartments"?
                    Because, this thing is going to be an apartment:

                    This is why I placed that bridge right there.

                    This area needs some more work and a few support beams...


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                      Basically, this is a new passage to "The Apartments", and the miners came across a hard-to-break rock. They took a break.
                      There's another entrance to the apartments, but that's exactly the bridge. Yeah... as more and more tourists were coming over to stay there, a new passage was needed in case they fall into the water.

                      This leads to the toilets (and bloody washing machines). xD

                      Seriously, bloody washing machines. When you press the button, something interesting happens.
                      This is one of the Easter eggs. My map will have a few parts to explore, lol. There will be stuff.
                      The walls here are untextured, so that's why you don't see them.

                      I have plans for this.

                      Techy elevators. Hehe. And you thought that this would be just a castle-themed map...

                      There will be a cave on the right side. Basically, this is where the first entrance to the apartments is supposed to be.

                      Hooray, more clipnodes to come, because we're already at 19k. xd