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    Sweet thank you! I'll definitely play around with this.


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      You're welcome, I'm always glad to help. I.m.o. Quake mapping after 2014 has never been sweeter.
      And while I'm here, haha, it's going to be even sweeter.


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        I have a few more screenshots:

        I'm in a crisis right now.

        High school starts on the 5th of September, so my time is limited. :c
        Once it starts, I'll have no time left for mapping (I'm that guy who always gets A's, so I study a lot). sigh

        I'm sad. :C
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          i start my new job tomorrow -.- so my modding times going to be limited too. but i still think im going to have time to do at least a little at a time. your map has so many themes. im curious to see how it's all going to tie together.


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            I'm curious as well. The first part is a castle, then it's a cave, then it's a lake, then it's a hotel, then it's a complex. The story will give the varied themes some sense, but story in Quake is generally ignored.


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              i'd like to see a quake mod i guess like "remake quake" that does just that, remakes quake so it has a bit better visuals and adds a few small snippets of as close of a story that they can to explain quake.


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                I.m.o. around 2 thirds of the map are done, half-finished:

                I'll then make the final third where the map ends and I'll finish the entire map.

                When I release the map, I could provide the source files etc.
                Would that be a good idea?


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                  Well, since high school is coming, I decided to compile whatever I've got and share the screenshots:

                  I could consider adding some sort of an effect here.

                  I know it's too bright.
                  I'll decrease the brightness.

                  I know it's too dark, I'll increase the brightness.

                  Blue light is atypical for Quake, but it's nice for a change i.m.o.

                  Well, I don't know what to say here. It doesn't really have a purpose.
                  Ah, the builders probably used this tower for that huge lamp up there. I'll just add some stuff to make it look like it was worked on.

                  You know what would be better for this one? A projected texture. A.f.a.I.k., TyrUtils-ericw's light compiler can do something like that. I'll see about that.

                  The elevators are fully functional and ready to operate.
                  (and I know, it's too dark...)


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                    some great screenshots man! suggestion, in the rooms that are lit with torches. use orange lights instead of yellow.


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                      I could see a nice Darkplaces ground fog in that watery tunnel...

                      In the corridor with the red strip, I suggest you add slightly larger supporting brushes where the girders meet the walls. You could also make the riveted part of these walls protrude slightly. And is it normal that the girders look almost completely black? That's odd.

                      In the room with the big yellow light, I would texture the ceiling differently. Having only one texture applied to the walls and ceiling looks much too 1996.

                      Also, some details on that big naked curved wall wouldn't hurt.

                      Oh BTW, I dropped a word to Baker about your Mark V issue.
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                        You have a lot of really cool stuff here. Keep up the exceptional work.


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                          Hey Admer! So there's been a bit of response about your Mark V issue. Since it's never really convenient to have a middle man for this kind of things, I'll let you read for yourself here:
                          That way you'll be able to interact with Baker directly without my involvement.

                          Dutch In that thread I linked above, Gunter made some suggestions about your framerate drop.
                          ♪ I'm skiiiiiiinnin' in the pain, just skiiiiiiinnin' in the pain ♪
                          ♪ What a glorious feelin' I'm haaaaaaappy again ♪


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                            The issue with black girders is a lighting thing. I think I know how to fix it.

                            The 1 texture, 4 walls and one ceiling issue is just temporary. I'll try either drawing them myself or just take a photo of something and port it to Quake.

                            As for the details on that wall, I think I have an idea.

                            I saw the thread, I'm going to reply sometime soon.


                            Thanks, although I don't know if I will finish it because of high school.

                            I'm slowly expanding the cave, tetrahedron by tetrahedron. Haha.
                            Now, good night, folks, it's 20:48 here, I need to get some sleep for tomorrow. Going to wake up super early to catch the bus, and blah blah blah...


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                              Important update:

                              At last. I managed to get Mark V to run! Success!
                              Now it's time to enjoy the goodies of a modern, DX9-supporting sourceport, finally.


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                                DX 9 ? Man, you're such an overkill-hightech Monster!
                                I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
                                My little gore mod :