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    Back in April, the team at KillPixel Games doubled in size with the addition of a programmer. Since then, the project has gone from being handful of mockups and documents to becoming an actual, functioning prototype. These are the first fruits. The next test compilation will be gameplay oriented, whereas this is more general in nature.

    Although early in production, any feedback is welcome! I would also like to take this opportunity to ask a few specific questions:
    Are you interested in retro-styled FPS games?

    If so, what is something you want to see in this type of game?

    What is something you do not want to see?
    Probably unnecessary disclaimer: some of the temp sounds contained in this demonstration are property of Id Software.

    P.S. this isn't an official announcement, but is a sneak-peak for the quake community. Please keep that in mind if you choose to share this material. Thanks!

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    Nice work!! Very inspiring. To answer your questions:

    1) Yes, retro-style games are the only ones worth playing anymore
    2) More of what was in that video.
    3) Straying too far from the theme. Quake got lucky and pulled it off, but I think a Thunderbolt or stargates would look out of place in your game. Right now, everything fits together perfect, keep that up.
    'Replacement Player Models' Project


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      Wow, I'm blown away! This looks awesome!

      1. Yes I am, but I'm definitively interested in this, retro or not.
      2. I really want to see more of what you have in store. I was kind of disappointed that the video ended right there!
      3. Personally I would say please stay away form the proceduraly-generated gameplay that a lot of games are doing now and actually build a story campaign. It's starting to get a bit old for me.

      Are you planning on going in a monster movie direction with this? Zombies, Vampies, Werewolves? Or cults? I'm very curious!

      One thing that caught my eye immediately is I hope that you're planning on keeping the stop motion style animation you have now on the reloading because that is an excellent style choice. It looks like old school cartoon FMV.

      Let me know if you need anyone to test the game, bounce story ideas off of or to show off gameplay on another Youtube channel. Looks great guys, keep it up!


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        This does look really impressive. I love the look, sound and animation of the shotgun. The atmosphere is also incredible. I do like to see and play this type of game, if the atmosphere and gameplay are right. I like 3D models more than sprites, one of the reasons I really never go back to Doom, but I understand the difficulty in making them. Definitely don't go proceduraly generated. Loved the trailer.


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          Dutch - Thank you!

          ArrrCee - Thanks for the feedback and I appreciate the offer!

          Are you planning on going in a monster movie direction with this? Zombies, Vampies, Werewolves? Or cults? I'm very curious!
          It will be horror fantasy, but more unique and different than vampires, werewolves, etc.

          Redfield - Awesome, thanks!

          I like 3D models more than sprites, one of the reasons I really never go back to Doom, but I understand the difficulty in making them
          Sprites are actually harder to generate as they begin life as a 3D model. I've almost decided to just go 3D models instead a couple of times because of the difficulty in making sprites. Who knows, maybe the final game will have the option to either enable sprites or 3D models


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            Very impressive. After you found a coder, looks like your attention to art and visuals ended up getting the chance to express itself.

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              I appreciate it, Baker.


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                This looks awesome! Love the art style and atmosphere. Only thing I really have a complaint about is the music. It's just a guitar riff and not much else, and seems out of place to me considering the environment. Keep this up, though! Beautiful work!
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                  The music was so super low and unassuming I didn't even realize there was any til you hilighted it. I agree though. It actually sounds like someone is practicing guitar, to me. This is all in the very early stages though. I have all the faith you can have that KillPixel will release something excellent.


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                    Being a soundtrack musician, I can offer my assistance with this if need be.
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                    MyMusic | Youtube


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                      PRIMEVAL & MadGypsy - Thanks for the kind words. And yeah, I hear ya about the music. Like everything else in the video, it's a placeholder and was assembled quickly (honestly couldn't have spent more than 10-15 minutes on the music). Not sure if there is going to be music or what kind it will be, time will tell!


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                        Very nice indeed KP, I can't wait to see it progress and please keep the updates coming.

                        Concerning your request for feedback.....
                        In terms of "what would I like to see" it is an updated version of Quake with the familar dark, evil, brooding atmosphere, plenty of shock, chill (to the extent of making the player feel uneasy) , gore, varied gameplay (not *just* run and gun although that is fun ) and the playability, physics and player engagement of something like half life 2 Ep2. Oh how I love that Grav gun.
                        What I wouldn't like to see is the childish taunts, "shop" features, overly linear maps, and oversimplifation of some areas of gameplay that you see in some games . Come to think of it perhaps this video can explain it a little better than I...

                        Keep up the good work sir.

                        Kind regards

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                          Hahahaha that video Mr. Burns linked to is hilarious and so true!
                          'Replacement Player Models' Project


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                            Mr.Burns - Thanks for the feedback! That video is a classic, too.


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                              You sir, are amazing !!
                              I knew you would come up with something good, but this ... ?!
                              Outstanding job, sir.
                              Please keep us informed about your project as close as possible

                              All the Best,