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    Why, thanks! I appreciate it, Seven


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      Wow, this is looking great. Great job! I love it
      When can we expect demo or some more info?



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        Thanks Soulmarine Demo should be out Q1 2018. I'll put out another dev vid in a few months.


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          If you are able to finish this, i will pay gladly for it with all the money i can grab from other peoples pockets (not serious). It looks good, it ain't a military railshooter-cutscene-masturbation, it has G O R E, it is beuti... baueti... beuatiful... more than just nice. I wish you good progress and a steady motivation :-)

          I now go and dream a little about a cardboard box -wrapped retail version with 90s handdrawn art, 900 floppy disks, a thick handbook.
          I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
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            Originally posted by TheKillingJoke View Post
            900 floppy disks
            ♪ I'm skiiiiiiinnin' in the pain, just skiiiiiiinnin' in the pain ♪
            ♪ What a glorious feelin' I'm haaaaaaappy again ♪


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              I loved to take the discettes out of the game boxes. I think one floppy was able to save 300 kb, a discette 1.5 Mb.

              Good Evening. You asked three questions in your post about your game in developement. I took some time to think about my answears, here they are:

              Are you interested in retro-styled FPS games?

              If so, what is something you want to see in this type of game?
              - Unconventional / fantasy weapons: Something that shoots a small swarm of creatures, which eat the enemy for example. Or the Stakegun from the Painkiller games. The Fallout 3 Railway rifle was also a nice thing. Or a nice wrap around if you make standard projectile weapons, like it was done in Prey, where they added living, organic parts to the weapons.
              - Things like jumppads, teleporters, slides, windtunnels and other possibilities to move the player around by not walking or using a vehicle. It can be great fun and raises the skill requirement for the player.
              - Lore. I remember some shooters who added small text snippets in the loading screens or other possibilities to get some info on the story, the world, the monsters and the weaponry. I really liked that. It was a nice way to deliver a simple story.
              - Fast movement. Today a lot of shooters feel like the player is wading through honey or goo.
              - 30 shades of red (blood 'n gore).
              - B O S S E S !

              What is something you do not want to see?
              - Conventional weapons or modern weapons. The umpteenth mp5 specsopmodx53b/2 with extra highlighted ironsights and online-shop purchasable neonpink desertcamo skin. Luckily you took another direction in art.
              - Attempts to create "realism". This world can be so much more colorful with dark fantasy and horror genre creatures (well, sometimes unicorns are ok too). I can only speak for myself but when it comes to shooters all the fake-realism kills the fun for me.
              - bloated keyconfig for extra-special abilities. WASD, LMB, Space, Esc. 's 'nough.
              - weak, useless weapons.
              - military themes. Real-life military is one of the most snooziest things in video games for me.
              - vehicle-sequences.

              Hm... i just mainly described Quake.
              Have a good night/day, whatever your timezone is.
              I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
              My little gore mod :


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                Any updates on this?
                I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
                My little gore mod :


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                  Originally posted by TheKillingJoke View Post
                  Any updates on this?
                  Ditto. This looks terribly promising.
                  'Replacement Player Models' Project


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                    TheKillingJoke - I totally missed your feedback post! Thanks for that and I'm pretty much with you 100% on everything you mentioned.

                    As for updates: production is moving along steadily. However, I wanted a gameplay demonstration out at this point but I ran into a couple major delays, those being 1) switching from sprites to models and having to spend time getting a grip on modeling and 2) an unplanned, month long road trip courtesy of hurricane Irma. All is well now and things are chugging along just fine. I still hope to have a playable demo out in q1 2018, though it may be later.

                    Here are some of the models I've been working on, in chronological order:

                    oppressor model
                    oppressor animation test
                    heretic model
                    heretic animation test
                    afflicted model
                    afflicted animation test
                    fallen mercenary model
                    fallen mercenary animation test

                    More soon! (or, you know, sometime!)


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                      ​​​​​​​Let me first say that what I am going to say next is what I don't like BUT there is plenty that I do like. I'm just not focussed on that here.

                      Your skins imo are an ambient occlusion disaster. I totally get the "old grainy/pixely" vibe it's just really an ambient occlusion disaster though. You could do MUCH better. I am positive of it. When I say "you" here I mean personally YOU not some arbitrary "you". You can do better. I put it like that cause I want to be clear that my opinion isn't a slight on your skills...on the contrary...use your skills! Show me where you used your skills on these textures. If you actually drew that you are awesome at faking ambient occlusion disasters. Now stop faking. It looks like you applied solid colors to vertex groups and overlayed a really dirty AO map. I know cause that's my level of shitty and that stuff looks hella similar to my level of shitty.

                      Nothing but love bro. Brutally honest and relentless love. One day I'll tell you your stuff is awesome and you will know I am dead serious.

                      However, you can easily fix what you have. Bake the vertex groups solo, detail the results and then overlay a much more subtle AO map. Voila, colors, details and enough shadow to imply depth. You may even want to edit your ao map after all that. Having all that grainy shit washing out your texture is not awesome.
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                        I'm not offended if somebody doesn't answear on my post or overlooks it, after all we all have real lives and cruel shit like Irma happens. Luckily here in germany such things are "only" a 30 sec news on the screen.

                        The Heretic is a cool lovecraftian creature, seems to me like a mixture of a granite sculpture, inhabited by SOMETHING. Cool design! I also saw the Opressor model somewhere a while ago and liked it. The fallen mercenary with his shotgun-arm is a nice one too! Good work! I'm exited to see how they all look if they are done. I will never get behind modeling, apart from those very, very basic blender things i do myself. Let alone unwraping, skinning, textures, materials, those things. My most advanced actions are joining triangles and clicking the auto-normalmap conversion plugin button in Well, and animating with already complete skeletons and models like in Fallout or The Elder Scrolls.

                        A few months per model, 9-13 enemies, the levels, graphic-stuff, gameplay mechanics... i wish i had a time-machine.

                        Playable Demo in q1-3 2018 -> sounds fingerlickin' good (to quote Bill Paxton)!

                        Very good to hear, that you are still working on it!
                        I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
                        My little gore mod :


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                          Sexy stuff going on there. The designs of those beasties are great!
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                            PRIMEVAL - Thank you, sir!

                            TheKillingJoke - Glad you dig the stuff so far! As for modeling, yeah, it's lame. I don't enjoy it at all, but it has to be done. I'm sure it will become more enjoyable as I get better at it; it's still a chore for now.

                            MadGypsy - I appreciate any/all feedback, don't worry about being 'brutal' I only use diffuse (no bump, norm, spec, ao... nothing). Lighting is only lightmaps/lightgrid, no realtime lights (aside from some items/projectiles). I do agree that the paint job, particularly the shadows, on the oppressor and heretic are awful. They were the first of the lot and suffered by my amateur hand. They will get a new paint job before the demo. I'm juggling a lot of balls (256 colors, enemy readability, cohesion, etc). Still early on but I'm confident I'll get the aesthetic ironed out. Only 4 models so far and I think the jump in painting quality between the oppresssor and the mercenary is pretty apparent; I think that trajectory will continue.


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                              Yeah you're doing fine. Don't worry about the artwork right now, come back to it. Don't get stuck in a rut chasing your tail around like I did back in the riftquake days.

                              For the record, the opprssor is badass. I dig your modeling style.
                              'Replacement Player Models' Project


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                                Honestly, I only looked at the first 2 models before posting. It didn't even occur to me that the others would be "better". I know you will release a good quality product. Really, that's the only reason I said anything. I clicked those pics expecting "KillPixel" and what I saw was "What the fuck is this?" Lol. The models are really good, though.

                                Edit: I clicked every link...watched/viewed everything. Honestly, the stuff I noticed in the pics totally gets swallowed by the atmosphere of the game. This is why I stopped playing with the art end of this stuff. Everything you make is subject to look completely different depending on it's environment.
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