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Arenagate Q3DM1 Remake for Arcane Dimensions

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  • Arenagate Q3DM1 Remake for Arcane Dimensions

    Hello everyone. I was looking at my backup and I've found unfinished map I've tried to port/recreate in Quake1 from 2015.
    Sorry for the double post, last related post was in 2015....
    Anyways... I've decided to give it a facelift yesterday. Here is my Arenagate v2.0 for Arcane Dimensions preview:


    Q3/Q1 Comparisons Shots Video:

    1 on 1 Duel Gameplay Video:

    I've created this map as a new Hub(for my AD map projects) for the Singleplayer with skill selection, and fully playable 1on1 multiplayer map
    I've also created Demonic Mouth 3d Model and animation with 3 skins (to emulate Q3A Mouth patch)

    Mouth Animation (gif) :

    MDL Model with 3 skins (gif) :

    Animated MDL Mouth (30 frames, 3 random skins) loaded via AD misc_model

    I'm still planing to add a lot of brushwork and details (destroyed/weathered walls, floor, clutter, etc..)
    I still need to fix several brushes with issues, and create destructable parts of the map (mostly corners and minor parts of the map for MP)
    ....and of course Tweak Lights

    I would appreciate some Light Related Tips & Tricks (I would like to maintain the current look and feel of the map)
    If you have any ideas and suggestions, please leave it in the post below
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    Nice work! I never knew AD would look so fun in DM
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      That's pretty fucking cool. Nice work porting over to AD. As far as lighting, I would load up some AD map sources and see what they did in maps you like. Start with the test maps and load each one up until you see something you like. Then take a look at the worldspawn settings for their sunlight, dirt and fog settings. Make sure and read up on ericw utilities here:
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        @dumptruck_ds Thanks.
        I will edit the lights and post the map soon!


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          Work In progress 2.1 Release Download:
          (Arcane Dimensions 1.6 / Quakespasm Required)

          DOWNLOAD ARENAGATE A.D. v2.1

          If you have some suggestions, tips and tricks how to improve this map please leave it in the post below.
          I want to re-create the rest of the maps it this style,(next one will be Q3DM2) to create mini SP campaign, and bring Q3Arena maps to AD Multiplayer.
          If you want the Source of the map, just PM me.

          I'm still learning (my major problem atm are Lights)
          So, I would appreciate some feedback on this map, so that I could improve it, and continue to the next one.

          Also, I would appreciate if someone could test it in Multiplayer.
          I've played it a while (duel), and I've decided to tweak pickups and remove some ammo for the Plasmagun weapon.
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            Soulmarine You may want to see my Quake/id1 version of Q3Tourney3. I think the map source is included in the zip, if not let me know. Feel free to use it as a base if you'd like. (scroll down to see it)
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              @dumptruck_ds Thanks for the Map files.
              I will work on the Tourney3 next...

              I think that AD have a great potential for multiplayer.


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                Q3Tourney3 Arcane Dimensions Remake Progress Update:

                Cross MapModel Converted to Q1 MDL (with Brightmaps)
                Is there a way to animate Model using different skins? (this model have 4 skins, i would like to animate them to emulate fire effect)

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                  Oh boy, these maps look so nice, i think i have to download a dm bot soon! Do you want to rebuild all those q3a maps?
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                    New Cross Skins & Multiple Sizes
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                      Yes,If i will have enough time, I will probably rebuild them all and port to Arcane Dimensions
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                        I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
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                          Wow! The Q3tourney3 screenshots look awesome with that red fog.

                          About your skin animation problem, try asking here:
                          Cool model BTW!
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                            Thanks for the link,
                            I will release Q3tourney3 in a day or two...

                            More Screenshots:


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                              Well...if im gonna remake Q3A maps...
                              I was thinking to add a new weapon to A.D. (multiplayer) - Railgun.... But something more Quake1 friendly, maybe a Stakegun or a Crossbow instead.
                              Any suggestions?

                              Update:Crossbow WIP
                              (animated - 7 frames)
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