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    Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
    @ Baker - please go fuck yourself. Thanks.
    Actually, beyond his witty jab, Baker kinda has something of a point. You start lots and lots of very promising projects but we never see you release anything. Worldspawn? I haven't heard of it in quite a while. The map you said you were making for Jam 9? The guys at Func_ asked you where you were at but their question was left unanswered. The simple wad/mipmap tool you said you were making for me? I'm still waiting for it.

    The gist of what I'm saying is that you're a bit all over the place. You start something then you start something else and seem to lose interest in the first thing along the way. You have tons of great ideas but your way of doing things is a bit frustrating. In the end, ideas are worthless if they don't come to fruition eventually. I think you may need to be more focused and commit to what you're doing before moving on to the next project. Please don't get mad at me, I'm saying this in all friendliness. You can't blame Baker for losing faith in your promises.
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      I just want to make sure I understand you. So,what you are saying is, in a world where nobody is paying me to do any of this, it is all done in my free time and it is first and foremost a passion, I can do whatever I want and nobody can tell me jack shit one way or another? Is that about the gist of your message to me?

      Of course it is, cause any other message to me regarding my non-profit, no contract, free time, whatever-makes-me-happy work would be silly, presumptuous & privileged.

      Regarding the map. I stated on func that I would TRY to enter the jam. There came a point near the end that I knew I would not finish. A week or 2 later I learned they extended the jam but, there wasn't enough time to finish by the time I found out. Then it happened again. If I would have had all that extra time to start with I probably would have finished my map.

      It's a shame it turned out like that. I watched all the maps on ArrrCee 's you tube channel and my map was very different from the stuff I saw. I think my map would have been heavily commented on. I went a completely different direction than Quakers are used to.
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        Heh, are you trying to make me believe that whenever you would release that mythical super-duper app of yours, you wouldn't charge anything for it? I think not. I seem to remember you talking about Worldspawn as a future commercial product.

        Bottomline is: I think Baker's attitude comes from the fact that you tend to boast quite a lot about your skills but none of us can decide for ourselves whether you really are that super talented programmer you set yourself out to be or just another bragger full of shit. No offense. I personally still believe in you but I can understand why some others don't anymore.

        That said, if you can actually finish my wad tool at some point, I'd be more than happy to pay you for your efforts, provided that you don't charge me too much.
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        ♪ What a glorious feelin' I'm haaaaaaappy again ♪


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          "your" wad tool is already in ark and yes ark is free. My engine was NOT a commercial project it was being designed to create commercial games. In other words if you wanted to design a game in my engine you would have to buy a license. From that point it is entirely up to the developer to charge or not or to include ads, dlc, etc.. Of course the engine is free for the people playing the games.

          It's very easy to determine what my skills are. Just read the thousands of lines of code I have written spanning numerous languages with technical descriptions in thousands of posts. If that doesn't give you some idea then you have no business judging me in the first place.

          I do not care if people do not believe in me. The way someone feels about me or anything about me has zero effect on my reality. It has zero power to make anything true. You could stop having faith that I am male and my junk will still be swinging... so to speak. I share whatever I am doing because I want to not out of any obligation to anyone. At this point everyone's faith should be in the fact that I will always do what makes me happy. If that means you get a wad tool, great. If that means you never get a wad tool, great. I have done much of what I ultimately set out to do... which is ace languages left and right. I have brought to life complex concepts in all of these languages. I have proven to me (the only person that matters) that programming has no boundaries for me. Anything I do with these skills from this point is little more than showing off.

          I'll give you some insight. Go all the way to the beginning of me here and read everything. You will notice that my projects get substantially more complicated as I go. This is because I kept getting better. I have spent 6 years here studying and practicing within numerous environments and numerous languages. I have arguably forgotten more than most of you will ever know regarding it. You say "you don't finish projects" I say "that project is too simple to me now and I need something harder."
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            Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
            if you wanted to design a game in my engine you would have to buy a license
            How is that not commercial?

            You say "you don't finish projects" I say "that project is too simple to me now and I need something harder."
            I hear you but that's precisely why I was talking about frustration earlier. You keep on teasing us with stuff that would be properly amazing if it was released, but then you move on to bigger things and we never get to play with all that cool stuff. Would it really be such a chore to finish a project, release it, THEN move on to a bigger project based on the previous one? If anything, with your current method you never get the satisfaction of finishing something, and we never get the satisfaction of appreciating your work. You're like a musician who keeps refining one song over and over again while the others are making albums. It may very well be the best song ever made but no-one ever gets to listen to it.

            "your" wad tool is already in ark
            Maybe, but I don't wanna wait one more year (or ten, or a lifetime) for a mega-app doing everything and then some that may or may not get to be finally released depending on your continued interest. I needed it last year for my ZinCity map project, you told me you would strip that wad tool from Worldspawn for me but then I never got my hands on it. This ZinCity project is on hold until you release that simple wad tool because the existing wad editors just don't do what I need.
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            ♪ What a glorious feelin' I'm haaaaaaappy again ♪


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              @ your mod on hold.

              That's no excuse. You do not need wad tools to edit images. Black and White are palette colors. MSPaint could do the job. Treating your textures as external could also do the trick. Basing your progress on someone like me is a cop out.

              @ wad tool again

              You sort of fucked yourself on this. I gave you something like 2 days to respond to me. I was on fire and ready to do your thing but you left me in limbo. 2 days may not seem like a lot to you, to me it's 48 hours of "I need to do something. I need to do something. I need to do something.....". You ironically waited the almost exact amount of time for me to replace my fire to help you with some other fire. I don't regret it. I wound up doing really deep studies of HaXe and officially adding that language to my skill set. ::Makes one-hand-other-hand scales:: specific customized wad tool for one person ~ deep knowledge of yet another language...there's no contest that my time was better spent.

              Let me ask you...let's assume you were a calligrapher. Let's assume you came here and said "I am going to draw the best letter A you have ever seen." Now let's assume while you were drawing the A you realized something that applied to all letters. Let's also say that you started testing that idea on other letters. Let's finally say that you realized spending all your time on an A was counter productive and even wasteful as a CALLIGRAPHER (ie not an A drawer)...

              Would you still waste your time on an amazing A as opposed to...I don't know...a sentence? After that sentence or maybe even during it would it never occurred to you that a font would be far more productive?

              Your complaint is that I don't finish sentences and letters because I'm more concerned with a font. And you go on to explain how other people can not benefit from me trying to complete a font because, for whatever reason, you would rather have a letter or sentence...both of which you can have when I complete the font.

              You'll have to excuse me that I am fully prepared to say "fuck your A" at any time I decide that it is too boring or wasteful for me to complete. I move forward. Forward is where even higher learning resides. Staying stuck on an A just to say I drew a fucking A is retarded.

              If people want to act like some form of faith they possess has any bearing what-so-ever on what will or will not happen that's really only their problem. It isn't going to stop me from doing what I do in a way that I feel is the best for me. All the complaints and opinions in the world are a complete waste of energy. I am going to do what I do regardless of anyone or anything else. You know I'm dead serious and telling you facts.

              I can only imagine how far behind I would be from where I am regarding programming if I had actually sat down and finished many of the lackluster, niche ideas I had. I don't need to finish a wad tool to know that I can. The same can be said for many things. And while I'm not finishing some small idea I'm learning things that give me better ideas. I know that none of you know this but the last rewrite of my engine was entirely a practice run for applying true design patterns from top to bottom. The engine in my view was entirely an afterthought. My goal was to take something huge and figure out where to put my state machines, factories, etc.

              Baker style programmers don't know shit about this stuff and will procedurally program themself into an infinite loop of spaghetti dependencies and claim it's good code simply because it doesn't seem to break.

              "Hey look I finished my garbage that works but will break if you change even one dot."
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                I fully understand your stance on perspective and all that, but IIRC at one point you said Worldspawn was mostly finished. I reiterate: would it really have been such a chore to commit to finishing and releasing it before moving on to Ark? Hell, you even took the extra time to create a badass logo! How was that in any way relevant to your programming endeavours?

                And if your only goal is to exclusively "do what you do in a way that you feel is the best for you", why do you even bother giving the world a glimpse into what you do in the first place? Especially if you slam the window shut when what you do becomes something else before completion. Meaner people than me could easily scream "attention whore", which contradicts your claim of not giving a shit about others' opinions.

                You sort of fucked yourself on this. I gave you something like 2 days to respond to me.
                I don't remember the specifics but if I took 2 days to reply it's probably because I was busy with RL stuff and lacked the time to check QuakeOne. I do have a life outside my computer, you know.

                You do not need wad tools to edit images.
                I know that, thank you. You don't seem to remember it but editing images was not my problem. It was the fact that the current wad editors available blend the colors when generating the mipmaps from the main textures. I ended up with a bunch of greyscaled pixels in my mipmaps while the full-sized textures were strictly black and white, and that didn't look good ingame. I asked the guys @ Func_ if a wad editor or any other image manipulation program could do what I wanted (either by not blending colors or by allowing me to manually edit the mipmaps) but got no positive answer, so basically you're my only hope, my Obi-Wan...
                Let me be the Luke who will rise and become a great Jedi mapper thanks to your involvement. Pretty please with sugar on top? I promise you won't die at Vader's hands.

                I sincerely hope that Ark gets released before you realize you'd be better off taking over the world or something, but if inbetween your important things you could sometime in the not-too-distant future take a day or two to whip up that wad tool and ship it in my general direction, I'd be really grateful.

                Oh BTW, what has become of that map you started for Jam 9?
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                ♪ What a glorious feelin' I'm haaaaaaappy again ♪