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    Dutch ~ get a lot of enjoyment out of it

    No doubt. When I said stock QC is bullshit I didn't mean in an LOLCODE way. I just meant it is seriously lacking a lot of language features.

    @~ how is the rewrite going

    I took the night off last night. Ive been programming every free minute for months with no pause. Between just Monday and Tuesday this week alone I guarantee you I put in 30 something hours. Only some of those hours were for my parser though. The rest of those hours were spent dealing with SQLite and trying to make an Object replace creational queries. I want to be able to dump an Object into a class and have it reproduce the Object structure as database tables with the proper typing. On one hand...super easy, on another...very tricky. The tricky part comes in when you start dealing with constraints, like primary and foreign keys.


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      Dutch ~ carryover touch vars/extra fields
      Something tells me that you should seriously learn how to use typedefs and enums.


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        I worked on my Object parser some last night and tightened some stuff up. I thought I had uints working but, they were only working in a Vector.<uint>. I fixed that and it was harder than I thought it would be. parseFloat and parseInt are built-ins for my language but, there is no parseUInt. I basically had to write my own. Since my system primarily relies on type inference to create a uint you simply make a non-floating point number that is too big to be an int.

        I made some other upgrades. XML and ByteArray are part of the AMF3 specs. I had XML included in my parse but, I took it out. My Objects can do everything XML can do times 10 so that format is useless IMO. I did not have bytes included because how are you going to type bytes? Well, I actually figured out how to sort of type bytes. My include statements are now positionally replaced. Wherever you put an include that exactly where the guts of the target will be dumped soooo, you can simply include bytes after a field. This​​​This made me realize that technically my objects can double as an autoload library so, now that's a thing.

        After, looking at where QC classes have gotten I was inspired to do better on my conditions and loops. I completely dumped everything about it...syntax, code, everything and started writing a new parser that can parse code. For the life of me I have never been able to figure how to parse to a function but I can do everything else. I have some work ahead but my programmable objects will have some script features.


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          Hi everyone
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