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    What i did for v 0.5 so far:

    - Explosions have now the chance to throw things around, may it be monsters, gibs or players.
    - added GYRO 2.20 with _very_ basic physics for monsters, explosions, projectiles & gibs.
    - dead corpses are now gibbable with any weapon and don't block other enemies. Still needs a lot of tweaking to feel and look ok.
    - dead corpses and gibs now align with their ground, thanks to spikes code
    - to make things more spicy, each monster now has an increased randomised health amount.
    - added more death variations by combining particles, pain, walking & death frames with dismemberment models (kinda brutal).
    1-4 new combinations of walking/shooting/painframe/swinging melee weapon after death. Imagine getting sawed by a decapitated ogre :-)
    - replaced one dismemberment model for the soldier.
    - added explosion debris.
    - all explosions can set things on fire.
    - added falling sounds and footsteps for all monsters and the player.
    - The half of your fired shotgun pellets will now pierce the target.
    - added particle effects for all weapons, weapon projectiles, explosions and water splashes.
    - finally fixed my glorious weapon-pickup bug. By removing the weapons.
    - Added the dismemberment for the zombie.
    - reduced the velocity for gibs when producing them with explosive weapons.
    - made new weapon and armor pickup models - Dead Rangers you can loot
    - added the short range teleporter
    - monster now only loose a limb if under a certain health threshhold.

    What i still have to do to v 0.5:
    1 second slowmo when using the Short Range Teleporter.
    Make the last 4 monsters bleed from their wounds.
    Rework the Nailguns and Super Nailguns impact.
    Rework some Gyro forces on projectiles.
    Nailgun & Super Nailgun death-animations.
    Make monsters bleed from their dismemberment wounds (5 Monsters to go).

    Here is a video with some of the new features, like physics, tweaked particles, patched animations.:
    I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
    My little gore mod :


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      yoo this update looks really cool. you should start a moddb page and see if you can get any new followers!


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        Hehe. Thanks, maybe i will . Mainly modding for the fun of it but hey, why not. This already became more than i expected. I have so many ideas and so little time. I even took a quick n sorry detour to have a look at sagdoll, which is brilliant but would take ages to weave Into this. I didn't even made the stuff of my initial list.

        Edit: Note to self: never comment with cellphone again.
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        I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
        My little gore mod :