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player model im working on..

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  • player model im working on..

    i originally posted this at i3d ... but that forum seems to be slow to response. so im re-posting here.

    player model, im most definitely going to have to redo the colors so they can be changed in the settings menu..

    small update did a test to see if i could export to md3 and convert to mdl successfully - success , my mesh/texture in qme

    next i have to work on rigging and animation... but i dont know if i want to skip that and redo his texture in wally so the colors change correctly... both seem to be a pain for me..

    anyways decided to work on the skin, here's the finalized version with working color options.

    oh and this is one of the cooler combos imo

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    Before rigging, you may want to 'relax' his t-pose a bit. Bend the knees, ankles, and arms a little at the joints. Maybe dip his torso forward a smidge. The player is rarely in a locked and rigid position amongst the frames. I read this a while back in a good article on rigging, and I found that it greatly helps. I can't remember the article though, otherwise I'd post it for you. That's a nice, simple model. Proportions look good. Most people would think that's pretty basic but I know first-hand how difficult it is to make anything from a cube.
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      Thanks for the advice Dutch, unfortunately i already have him rigged -.- when testing deformations with my rig it seemed to be okay. i've heard similar things about how to pose your model before rigging, however all of the tutorials i've watched all had this pose (albeit they were much higher tri count models.) if i start having issues, ill just make a new rig and do as suggested. As for the model, i wanted to keep the tri count and stuff similar to that of original quake standards. which is why he's only 332 tri's. his texture is 300x300. also bleh screw redoing the texture in wally. i found a way to get the results i wanted in photoshop. just delete all of PS's swatches and import quakes pallet (act) as new swatches. PS: i HATE UVmapping, i'm horrible at it...

      now, ill get my first animation done. ill try and post a gif of what i get done, when its done. ( i also suck at animation -.-)

      Dutch how is this melee idle pose? he will be fighting with his fists you think this is good? or should his arms be up and ready to swing?

      think i like this one better.

      anyways screw the gif... lol if you want to check out the animation pop this in QME
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        Yeah, the second pose is way better. With a model as low-poly as that, your rig is probably just fine. I actually admire what you've done, when I model I can't help myself and get carried away with extra vertices lol
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          Awesome! Im glad to hear that i always struggle with doing anything but the mesh..


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            looks homer simpson'ish


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              added two more animations if anyones interested, just open in QME :

              i also finished my melee-run animation, but its not in the model on that download..
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