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Server Mod + Bots + Multiskin Support (Netquake) - Help Needed!

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  • Server Mod + Bots + Multiskin Support (Netquake) - Help Needed!

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to stitch together a few different mods in the interest of creating my own server mod. I'm currently using the "Reincarnation" mod ( as a starting point, since it's simple and has a lot of good functionality. I've added in custom map rotation support (working), Frikbots (working), and I'm now trying to add in multi-skin support (

    I've been able to add the relevant bits of QC into the source files and recompile without issue - but the skins don't actually change in-game (despite the impulse commands to change skins working). I'm guessing it's a conflict with some of the reincarnation game mode stuff - but not sure.

    Is I post files/code here - is anyone willing to lend a hand in helping me figure out what the issue might be?


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    Doh .... of course after posting this I realize that I spelled the "progs" directory wrong in the mod folder. Facepalm.

    Skins seem to be working fine

    I do have one other issue however....

    If I add bots, then remove them all, and then try to add some again I get an overflow error. Any thoughts or suggestions on that?