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  • Remake Quake Project

    This is the first demo for Remake Quake:

    Rar: - online file sharing and storage - download RemakeQuakeDemo.rar


    It's pre-alpha and only a single map. But it is the entire (current version) of the partial conversion, so is backwards compatible with id1 and to some extent Nehahra and Quoth.

    DM and COOP are supported as well, although not fine-tuned at all.

    Next up in a few months will be a DM orientated Demo.

    NOTE: This is a fully playable partial conversion. A Zip version (as opposed to Rar) has been requested - I'll be uploading one shortly. The conversion uses alot of new sounds, meaning that Rar has better compression by around 30MB - but for those that don't mind the extra wait / don't want to install Rar an optional link will be up soon.

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    I played about 10 minutes of it and let's just say this is VERY GOOD.

    It was like Quake but also not like Quake. It had a Doom or Quake 2 feel about it a little and because it was not quite standard Quake added a feeling of insecurity to the environment.

    It really could benefit from a screenshot and an AVI but I have a feeling I'll be helping with the latter for sure.

    Great work.

    The off center weapon was a great idea that adds to the feel that something is different and that the traditional rules -- and therefore familiarity and therefore security of standard Quake -- do not apply.

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      Thanks man.

      Next up will be a full DM release, including the usual features like obs, vote-map etc.

      Remake can be compiled as a multiplayer exclusive mod.
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        Yeah i played this a bit last night.. good fun indeed!

        It felt kinda q2-ish to me with the cut scenes and the different sounds and what not.. some funny sounds, and a nice non-linear map!
        I did notice some animation oddness on some of the models but i guess that's just a WIP thing.. (or maybe animation interpolation thing)

        overall I'd say this is a project to keep an eye on for sure! good job guys!

        also: i used glpro399x3 and it was good to see the transparent glass and rain working


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          Yeah - I think there's an anim issue with the HyperEnforcer.


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            oh MAN oh MAN OH MAN is this good! The military-styled stages of Quake never instilled dread in me like the lovecraftian ones. Well, at least not until now. My only remark would be that the rain looks a little.. not so good. But even that's just me splitting hairs, Keep it up!

            Btw, running this in darkplaces with the appropriate bloom, contrast, darkness and glsl_saturation levels is pure spooky/intense in a box!


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              Heh, just wait til you see the rest of it.

              . . . in about 5 years.

              Thanks for comments.


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                Who finds the dopefish in the map?

                Screenie for proof!
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                  demo submitted
                  Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!


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                    Thanks, will watch it tonight.


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                      Also, playing this as a straight weapons/monsters mod to Q1 is a real joy. Scrags are more shifty and the knights doll out armour when they die. It's made me have to re-think and slow down my ammo usage. Shooting the underwater door in E1M2 with a double barrel was a suprise tho!


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                          Thanks. As someone pointed out on another forum, the map is just the table - the meal is the mod on top of it.

                          We will have all maps once the mod is finished, probably plus a few.

                          Also, the mod should work for both Quoth and Nehahra maps, but instead of spawning their enemies it spawns ours. It's not foolproof because we can't predict everything thats ever been done, but it works reasonably well.

                          Meaning a few errors, but you can finish the maps without having to cheat.


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                            Attention - Spoiler:

                            The shotgun underwater thing is one of a couple new rules, it might seem harsh at first but I think it's a matter of doing it once and going "aha" and just not doing it again (TM). ;-)

                            However, this does provide a useful hint, perhaps giving players a nailgun before they enter water should become standard operation procedure.

                            Once the deathmatch demo is out, the whole underwater thing will become more "visible". Most of our maps have additional nailguns around water, so you never have to enter water unprepared.

                            Chainsaw works, too, though.
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                              1. Is there an info site for this? Someplace we can follow the progress?

                              2. who's in on the dev of this?

                              3. what is the overall plan for this?

                              4. Is more 'help' needed?