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  • yeah the shambie is good but skiffy's is something else! however sometimes I feel that skiffy's is almost too detailed. LOL I know, crazy right? but I think you guys might know what I mean. to be honest its the gore the gibbed head, it seems more quake3 style that quake1 style. but hell, its the best shambie out there and its kind of a mini-boss monster so its like its ok to be just a little bit more detailed than the rest because of this. know what I mean? also what do you guys think of those new flame models chillo was working on?


    • The remarkable thing about Chillo is how motivated this guy seems to be. The monster remakes are not a simple feat to pull off, but he doesn't stop there and even recreates projectiles and small things like torches which are normally not that important. I am not sure if he wants to stop at some point. He may just as well aim for a complete remodelling of the whole game. Anything this guy is doing is great. No idea where he suddenly came from, but I hope he's here to stay!
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