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  • yeah the shambie is good but skiffy's is something else! however sometimes I feel that skiffy's is almost too detailed. LOL I know, crazy right? but I think you guys might know what I mean. to be honest its the gore the gibbed head, it seems more quake3 style that quake1 style. but hell, its the best shambie out there and its kind of a mini-boss monster so its like its ok to be just a little bit more detailed than the rest because of this. know what I mean? also what do you guys think of those new flame models chillo was working on?


    • The remarkable thing about Chillo is how motivated this guy seems to be. The monster remakes are not a simple feat to pull off, but he doesn't stop there and even recreates projectiles and small things like torches which are normally not that important. I am not sure if he wants to stop at some point. He may just as well aim for a complete remodelling of the whole game. Anything this guy is doing is great. No idea where he suddenly came from, but I hope he's here to stay!
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      • Originally posted by NightFright View Post
        I am still in negotiations with Chillo to release a "hornless" Vore model. Giving it a female touch is kinda OK for me even though it's already a deviation, but the horns just move it too far away from the original.

        Since I doubt that the Rotfish or Spawn really need remakes (maybe Shub, considering how awesome Chillo's Chthon turned out), the ID1 bestiary can be considered pretty much done after this.

        Side note:
        I found out why the new models were crashing with newer Mark V releases - I was using r_shadows "3" in my autoexec.cfg which apparently exceeds the verts limit with models like Chillo's Ogre or bloodshot's Fiend. You can eliminate the crashes for now by changing to r_shadows "2" (or simply not using this visual feature at all, of course). Baker will likely come up with a fix for this in one of the upcoming Mark V builds.
        The fish is a missing part for totally legal FreeQuake since it is included in PAK1. So, a remake would be nice!