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    Yo! Bum rush the torrent, with a boost from Public Enemy


    Yo! Bum rush the torrent, with a boost from Public Enemy | Internet & Media - CNET News
    Originally posted by C|Net
    The new Public Enemy Bundle features a chance to show the band your mixing chops and offers fans a remixing contest. The Bundle includes the new single "Get Up Stand Up," featuring Brother Ali. If you chip in your e-mail address to unlock the Bundle, you'll get the song's music video, outtakes, and 37 multitracks. Mix your own version of the song, submit it to Public Enemy using BitTorrent SoShare, and if the group likes it, they'll release it for you as the grand prize winner.
    The contest will give winners a range of recording equipment and Public Enemy swag, with complete prize details and information available here.
    BitTorrent's previous Bundle, which offered a deeper preview look at the Colin Firth and Emily Blunt movie "Arthur Newman," was described as a success by the film's studio.
    "Rather than fearing technology -- a recurring mistake for our industry over the years -- Cinedigm's vision is to embrace the new opportunities offered by partnerships between Silicon Valley and Hollywood," said Cinedigm's marketing head, Jill Calcaterra.
    As of Wednesday, June 19, the Arthur Newman Bundle was downloaded 2.7 million times, 39 percent more than the film's YouTube trailer was watched over a longer period of time. Forty-three percent of the film's Web site traffic came from the Bundle, according to BitTorrent and Cinedigm.
    In the age of streaming music services scrambling for their slice of the music business, an option to download files may seem counterintuitive. Not so, says Rinaldo.
    "Streaming is great but we believe in retaining files too," he said. "As more and more fans are herded into accessing media but never retaining it, it is important in many cases for fans to have access to the files they have gotten the right to download."
    Yo! Bum rush the torrent, with a boost from Public Enemy | Internet & Media - CNET News

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