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    I haven't been redirected from this site, but I use Opera, which is basically Chrome nowadays. And yes, I've turned off Adblock Plus for this site as well.


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      On this computer I will never be redirected cause I make it a point to have outdated flash. There is no compromise here. This computer shouldn't even be on the internet. To face the possibility of a complete restore is not even a possibility I am willing to court. It would take me a month to get all my development environments re-installed and set up. This is literally the ONLY site I will go to on this system and outdated flash is as good as no flash in firefox.

      I don't really care what happens on my other computer. I don't want a virus but if it got one it would be little more than annoying.
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        Isn't an outdated Flash version what can compromise your system? You might like to not have it installed at all.


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          Firefox will not run flash at all if it is outdated. Well, it asks you if you want to one time when you first visit a site, but you click "keep blocking" and it doesn't ask again.

          I can't uninstall flash. I'm first and foremost an AS3 programmer . It's the only language that I went as far as to become certified in. Having a version of flash some decimal less than the most recent is no big deal for developing. It will still run in the most recent flash player release. Just like "20" year old quake runs in a modern engine.

          The ad square for me is just an empty box on this computer.
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