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    Thank you,I just got back into Quake after a Half-Life craze.Half-Ratsarasomnia wouldn't run (client.dll not found and sh*t) and I decided to get a more solid grip on game modding.
    I felt lazy while typing so I couldn't find the .
    Your name is pronounced "Shoe-co",right?
    Come to India and you will see your name become pronunciation acrobatics practise material....can't believe only a few people in every class know good English.
    Dude,lets party!
    Bring some food and drink.I got Arcane Dimensions 2.666!?!


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      Well, the catch about my name and last name is that there are multiple correct ways to pronounce it. Most common cases are Ed-murr Shoe Co. (sounds like a murrsuit and shoe company, lmao), or the completely phonetic variant (which is the one used in my country): Ad-mehr Schoo-ko. Really interesting to pronounce. I just love the way Germans pronounce "Admer". xD

      "can't believe only a few people in every class know good English"
      I'm the only guy in my class who knows good English. Everyone else is either "I can have an okay conversation with a slow English speaker" or "All I can say in English is 'Hi, how are you' and nothing else". Their accents are hilarious, too. In fact, my History teacher asked me to answer the questions in English while he was questioning me. The reason being he liked my accent. Lol.