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  • Street Fighter Tournements

    Dyne and I started recording our Street Fighter matches and decided to record a tourney. We used Fraps to record and ZSNES to play the roms with netplay. Anyone else who wants in on these tournements are welcome. It would be cool to have a whole tourney tree going.

    Here's the First Tourney that Dyne and I had (CS on left, Dyne on right):

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    I put up a good fight.. Fraps makes you lag a bit though, although you can't completely tell by watching... Slows down your computers reaction time.. Still whooped me though! =D


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      I mise as well make better use of this thread seeing only zop, dyne and I (and a few others) play zsnes. I'll take in Street Fighter III match requests. Choose 2 fighters out of this list (or try this other version of the list (I don't have Gill)) and request a matchup. Also guess on who will win after 3 rounds. Here's some vids I did upon request already:

      Ryu vs Ken (Phenom requested this epic battle)

      Ken vs Twelve (Apparantly because Ken is cute)

      Ryu vs Q

      Q vs Chun-Li (Because JD like anime girls)

      I reuploaded the first 2 movies. Should work soon.
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        Hey dude, how do I play Street Fighter online?


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          haha since the server reimage, joao is still in my block list I'll change that now

          /me unblocks

          My Method
          > download zsnes
          > get the same roms as the other person has
          > start up zsnes and open a rom (so zsnes knows where to look when the host picks a rom) (you only have to do this once unless you moved the roms folder) (restart zsnes)
          > go to Netplay then...

          if hosting:
          > give yourself an alias
          > choose between udp and tcp (udp is faster while tcp is more reliable) (recommend udp)
          > choose a port (7845 default)
          > HOST and WAIT
          > once a client connects, open up a rom and use 't' to talk ingame

          if connecting as a client:
          > give yourself an alias
          > choose between udp and tcp (has the match what the host is using)
          > choose a port (must match host)
          > put in the ip of the host (
          > CONNECT TO HOST and WAIT

          keep in mind that if the host is already waiting and you try to connect, it should be instant.


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            What rom do you have, so we can play together


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              dude it wouldn't work between us. Brazil is like 1000000000000000km away from my house


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                Oh...shit! Let's keep on Quake


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                  I finished my report and ppt early tonight. I was bored so I made a video of Remy (basically Guile except French )


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                    z0mg a video of me vs 3 cpus on the hardest difficulty


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                      This will be my last video due to the lack of interest (Don't want to bore you). This one is a little different. The background music is actually from Metal Gear Solid 2. Enjoy.