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  • Site has spam all over it

    The site has spam all over it, advertisements etc. Guess we have no one to manage the page anymore? More than half of the admins/mods are never on. Sad to see this site has gone down ever since SoleCord changed it to this version. It really sucks opening this site and all you get is a white page in your face, nice and bright to light up the night.

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    Yeah. Where is the dark theme when you need it?


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      Originally posted by SeanTheBermanator View Post
      Yeah. Where is the dark theme when you need it?
      No kidding, I have to dim my brightness on my laptop every time I come here. Solecord should put this darker or do something, this white page is just killing this site, it's bland and boring.


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        Hi WL,
        It looks like Sole's last login was 23rd June 2018 and unfortunately the site had already been this way for a year or 2 even by that time. So although I hope he is okay, I regret to say that given the current evidence, I wouldn't expect that it will be fixed anytime soon. Saying that, a mysterious unknown Admin (Mindz?) re-appeared on the scene a few months ago and cleared off a lot of the spammers (which was great) but it's a never ending job and the little blighters have inevitably resurfaced.

        Lets hope I'm wrong and Sole has something in the pipeline.

        Drive safe good sir

        Kind regards
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