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Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    How many of you guys play this? Quite a few of us do, I know Jerk does, Drez0r does, I do, and I know Spoon does.

    This is definately the best game released since Quake 1
    I find myself playing it till the sun comes up (literally).

    You guys should definately get it, and get into it. Best FPS since quake!

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    Spooker plays the hell out of it.
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      everyone talks anout this game at school

      expecally the occurance of "random-granades"


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        Hell yeah! The custom class system is brilliant and that just underpins the awesome game-play and level design. Loving the new maps as well.
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          I played the single player mode, way too damn short. Though, I'm not too into the multiplayer.


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            i played the single player through about 5 times, then started on the multiplayer. I dont play it as much as quake, but usually a few hours a week. I can foresee it becoming a permanent part of the collection of games that i play perennially


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              the games i play are
              using qrack and somtimes mh engine


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                Yeah, the game is just awesome. I'm on my 6th go around on Prestige, rocking the shit out of the game. I just got done playing it, probably been playing it since I put the thread up, lol.

                I found this quoted on the judging truth site:

                "I have played almost every first person shooter (FPS) that has arrived on the market since the heady days of Wolfenstien 3D, Doom and Duke Nukem. Ever so often over the past fifteen years there would be a monumental break through in FPS gaming such as Quake, Half-Life, Counter-Strike and Unreal. They would quite often be followed by improved versions of themselves, but as improvements on the originals they were not the ground shaking releases that their predecessors had been..."

                "..Despite their successes, neither the Call of Duty series nor the Medal of Honor ones were particularly ground breaking or breath taking. All that changed on Tuesday, November 6th, 2007. With the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward once again rocked the FPS gaming industry."

                And if that's not enough for you, check these out:

                And it's not hard to play either, very simple. For the PC, I have it setup almost identical to quake. Not all these "new gadgets" to learn per say, just a few extra.

                Buy it.


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                  Couple more to show you how BEAUTIFUL this game is:



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                    I will have to agree about the best game since quake, in my opinion as well.

                    I downloaded this game,and while I didnt play online , I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this game,and beat it quite easily, there was no learning curve,and anything you need to know is shown to you at the begining of the game. I was really dissapointed when I realized I had beaten the game, now I plan on supporting a software company and investing into this game to get the online aspect of it.

                    Try before you buy, it filters out pointless purchases
                    I've got games that I'll never play again, like a nascar game,a football game,and tons of other 10.00 rack walmart games. wasted money
                    See game in Walmart, say "Oo, cool looking game" , get it home, and find it its worthless garbage.
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                      Also , the sheer terror that is produced from dog's in the military. I can only imagine the terror of a "bad guy" whos unfortunate enough to be on the recieving end of todays trained dogs.

                      In this particular scene, the dogs are a wild pack rather than trained dogs.
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                        People should definitely strongly consider this game if they want a good recent fps to play. And unlike a game like crysis, this game scales pretty well on computers that aren't on the bleeding edge. It'll still take a decent rig to run it but not anything extraordinary.

                        Singleplayer campaign is awfully short, but while it is very short it's also very good. Plays out like an episode of 24 or something.. very action packed and intense. After that's done the multiplayer is waiting for you and it's very rewarding once you give it a shot. Took a bit of an adjustment for me personally to not be nearly as aggressive as I am in quake1 online. Doing that will cause much frustration. Sometimes it takes a couple tries for me to find a match to my liking with not too many people(I try to keep it under 20). Plenty of good maps to choose from.. give it a shot.


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                          Hey, things are about to get a lot better, Spoon, Spooker, etc, you guys, there's a Call of Duty 5 on the way. I heard while I was playing on the Xbox earlier some guy had said that it was gonna be based on a different engine. Well, according to this site it's going to be based on an UPDATED VERSION OF THE CALL OF DUTY 4 ENGINE, and it's going to, FOR THE FIRST TIME, include CO-OP, and we are gonna be able to play split screen, up to 4 PLAYERS, is anybody else as excited about this as I am?


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                            The strategy with modern game devs seems to be "hey let's re-release the same thing with some minor tweaks and updates and sell it again"


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                              Thats pretty outlandish comment , I've tried other military simulated games and they have all been sub-par for a first person shooter in my opinion,and CoD4 isnt no let down in the fun factor.

                              I love the ghili (???) suit episodes in SP , in the house with several bad guys, I have tried multiple times to run in slicing throats with my knife,and come close to doing it several times.
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