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EXTREMELY GRAPHIC (do not click this if you don't like images of real dead people)

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  • EXTREMELY GRAPHIC (do not click this if you don't like images of real dead people)

    This is the guy that the FBI swears was one of the Boston Bombers. As you can see, this American citizen never made it to court. It's not a fact that this guy did anything at all. However, there he lay, very very dead and in what appears to be a very horrible way to die.

    Who are the terrorists? This guy, that maybe didn't even do anything or the cops that did this to this man?

    aside: did they plunge a chainsaw into his ribs?

    Here is his brother, which is also not a confirmed bomber. This guy got to keep his life (for now), but apparently it takes a gang of ATF to beat the shit out of 1 19 year old kid that maybe didn't even do anything.

    Apparently there is no innocent until proven guilty in this country, there is only "guilty because we say so". I don't give a crap what nationality these kids parents are, these kids are American citizens. In other words - this can happen to you.

    OH, the kid in the below photo, our heinous terrorist, the evil bastard that allegedly blew up some shit in boston - is a Med student that makes excellent grades. Hmmm, let me get this straight.Some 19 year old kid in Med school, that makes excellent grades and has a bright future ahead of him, decided he would rather be a terrorist.

    not buying it. I'm not saying it is impossible, I'm saying it is highly improbable.
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    yeah i have to agree. when we hear terrorism, we get all hyped up and shoot first and ask questions later.
    So save today, the secrets that you prayed for and wait, cause we deserve it so much more!
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      I donīt know USA (and i never will go there), i do not know american culture, but this such of reactions of the security agencies are nothing more than a scapegoat, they are the ATF or the FBI and the world see it incompetent (in boston are terrorists but they do not know anything) , then they need to capture someone or something (no matter how innocent or not, if American or an Arab or Latin) to quench the thirst for blood of many citizens who believe that such reactions are appropriate. "' Capture someone, let shreds, so they know that we do this with the terrorists, and it's just because it's USA." the security agencies, nationalism, military and journalists are the real terrorists, with these images and reactions instill terror to the american citizens.
      the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



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        We all have our theories about what happened. obviously some people do not pay much attention to detail. EXAMPLE: a guy works at a great job with great pay and benefits, has a happy marriage, with 3 beautiful kids, one day he is sitting at his desk and something along the CRAZY train comes across his mind and says go home and kill your wife and kids.. Guy goes home grabs a hammer and kills his family.. BUT WAIT!! thats impossible, he had a great job, great pay, LOVED his family, would never hurt anyone.. PEOPLE TICK, people do stupid things. Now when it comes to shit like Sandy hook or the Aurora, CO shootings, i dont believe those 2 individuals did them alone. I don't trust our government as far as we could toss them into space, and i don't trust any FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY. I have friends in Law Enforcement in several different agencies, i hear some of the bullshit going on, and some of the things they are asked to do that violates our constitution, Most of them do it because it's job security and they are afraid to loose their jobs. If all refused to do it, then we would be ok, but when you have people willing to sacrifice doing whatever it takes to keep their jobs you would have corrupt individuals and the only way to stop them is to rid of them. just my opinion.


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          what made these two suspects in the first place the only thing i have seen was a few pics of them in a crowd. how dose that make them the bombers? ive seen photos of government workers with backpacks at the time the bombing too. i think we need to out law backpacks. and we need more drones flying around too. yes that's what i need to feel safe no more back packs no more guns and lots and lots of cctvs and drones. i know it will cost a lot to do that but im willing to pay for it with my liberty and freedom. although im not sure how much liberty and freedom i have left to give to a couse like that so i guess were gonna hafe to take some of yours too to help pay for it all regardless if you want to contribute or not.

          fuck my tin foil hat just fell off! brb


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            I heard a cop was killed. I heard there was some form of automotive chase and one of these guys was throwing bombs out of the car. I have yet to see proof that these guys did anything.

            BUT! I would like to take this another direction. First show me some proof that these guys did something to begin with. Something that would justify the police hunting them down. There are 2 types of people, fight and flight. As a younger man, if I would have seen my picture on TV claiming I was a terrorist. I certainly wouldn't have turned myself in and when the cops came knocking, I would have been firing back. Not because I'm a terrorist, but because I had done nothing wrong and I don't trust our government to agree or figure that out.

            Maybe these boys were scared to death and making irrational decisions. Maybe they ARE the bombers. Lot of maybes. It would be nice to see some concrete facts of something.


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              @dead tenors links

              IDK, man. That article has 2 problems with it.

              1 it is just claiming stuff and doesn't provide links to any sources
              2 they say the FBI has been watching this kid for 2 years

              Let's investigate #2

              There were spotters on the roofs, some form of "secretive" service walking around (2 right by the damn bomb) and bomb sniffing dogs everywhere. Supposedly the FBI was watching this guy for 2 years. However, no one saw them set down bombs? Not even the 2 seal/craft members that were right fucking there? Dogs found nothing, spotters and other law officers saw and found nothing?

              Let me get this absolutely straight. The government knew about these 2 (supposedly) yet they outsmarted all of law enforcement/military and dogs. WTF do we need law enforcement and military for, apparently they can't even stop a "homebrew" bomb attempt by some kids that they are watching.

              If these kids really did do this, it is a real strong argument that we'd do better to simply squash all of these agencies.


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                I probably shouldn't say anything, because well.... ?I would say things that even I disagree with?

                We a pre-programmed to answer a Level2 problem with Level3 or 4 force,when a atrocity occurs and loss of life and injury is large, an entire CITY gets a huge slap in the face. Talking about Pressure Cookers? Those NOT seeking vengance , not given the immediate gratification of catching the suspect so that they feel they have done something to rectify the problem, really can lead to this stuff.

                Very less like a corrupt goverment just blasting possible innocent people, its more like a pre-programmed response of duty. If you think about it, the Police are like a cult (To serve and protect. Failing this for any reason could also incite a over the top reaction when it comes to make a decision. Give them their day in court and use due process, or immediately release a tsunami of relief that something very horrible thats been done to lots of people has been EQUALLY or EXCESSIVELY dealt back.

                Circumstances will probably remain undisclosed by those who was there. For all we know, the cops could have been like "YOUR FUCKED NOW BUDDY" and returned the horrible violent act in triple fold...

                [ame=]The Masked Cop Killer - YouTube[/ame]

                Evidence enough?
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                  IINB4 someone posts a pic of Budd Dwyer or JFK.
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                  But sometimes, all you need is Imagination.


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                    [ame=]The Masked Cop Killer - YouTube[/ame]

                    Evidence enough?[/QUOTE]

                    I seen this back when it actually happened. They did find the cops innocent, but from prior knowledge i know for a fact if you kill a cop you are going to get whats coming to you. Christopher Dorner was killed on purpose obviously. I understand what he did was completely wrong and should not have gone that route to seek his own personal justice, but when he came out of that cabin waving a white piece of cloth with his gun in the air as a sign of giving up, they should not have fired at him, but they did and he retreated back into the cabin to burn to death. Either way you look at it, it was forced death, suicide by cop.


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                      We got their 3 Letter asses back in Oklahoma Bombing for the Waco Incident! The Lone Wolves are what they created from harassing "groups".. This is now a huge consequence
                      to their rogue "investigations".. I think you misquoted the kid in the photo above as "very dead" when In fact he survived of is this his ran over brother? He was still alive at the scene. What makes me sick- (I bet you didn't know this.??.) A bunch of dumb ****s made a LOVE PAGE for the Murderous BB!!! (Boston Bomber) Saying hes too cute to be a terrorist.. WTF is wrong with these kids?!! Listen, no matter what- ARM yourself MENTALLY! They can't take that from you-ever! I suggest you learn how to make what they used. Also learn what type of tactics and weapons you can make and.or access.
                      The hope is you'll be MORE prepared than most and best of all hopefully never needing to use that knowledge. Do any of you know how to start a fire with a water bottle? How about making Potassium nitrate from a shirt and dirt? Make a working speaker with tape, or cloth and some copper thin wire? (The make a working radio with it and a nail? I DO!! Some of this is fun and some of it is serious.. This knowledge needs to be passed on. You can do sooo much more than you think.. The day IS COMING where we must defend who we are and it WILL be in our lifetime.


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                        I agree with you for much of the end of what you said, but

                        1) you should probably be more careful about publicly convincing people to learn how to make bombs
                        2) your enthusiasm is on the level of an AJ supporter and that generally turns people off immediately. I'm not saying you are wrong, necessarily. I am saying to work on your approach.

                        [[my opinion]]

                        The day IS COMING where we must defend who we are and it WILL be in our lifetime.
                        90 summin percent of the people that will read that will have their brain automatically shut off, like a child covering its ears and screaming to drown out the noise of the facts. No one really wants to admit they are a slave and in many cases those people don't recognize their condition as being one of a slave. Slaves are black and work at the end of the task masters whip. How is that even remotely similar to being any color and working at the end of a debt limit? I mean, in the first scenario, you are obligated to produce and there is no end to production or a way to be free. Oh, wait, that covers the second situation too.
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                          (covers ears and screams)
                          So save today, the secrets that you prayed for and wait, cause we deserve it so much more!
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