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  • CTF Nostalgia Demo Of The Week

    L33T (RIP) won this match for us by 1 frag with 10 sec left back in 2011!


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    Awesome vid!

    Watching this makes me feel a little bit sad in a way. This match took place a one or two years before I started playing Quake. And when Quake came out in 1996, I didn't even exist. I sometimes wish that I was around so I could have played with some of these players, when there were more people playing Quake. (That's not to say that I dislike anybody I have played/do play with).

    Quake has had an amazing 20 years, and it has many more ahead of it. Its the only game I can think of that is that old and still has dedicated servers with people on them nearly 24/7!

    I hope that there is another Quake game, but I don't think ID should make it. I think it should be made by the community, as tacky as that sounds.

    I'm currently working on a little project for Quake which should be done in the near future, and this video has helped inspire me to get 'er done. Don't really know why, just did.

    Happy Quaking!


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      Amazing match!!

      Rampage, u have demos of you playing, in your pov, or this some good player, like this L33t, plz??


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        yeah, an oldie here:



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          OMG Ctf! I miss this game! Thanks for the video