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    hey all, ive never played quake one before.. I love quake2 esp CTF.. instaGib CTF we call Railwarz CTF with the lazer hook its very fast my fave mod..but i love all CTF in Quake 2 L Fire CTf, LMCTF Expert CTF, and some Rocket Arena 2

    I would like to try CTF in Quake one.. maybe even team fortress in quake world.. is quake one and quake world the same thing?

    anyway i like the q2pro client in quake2 for all the modern visual enhancements and stuff.

    so which quake one client will i like best for multiplayer.. which one is the most modern?

    also if i play CTF in quake one is there a bright skin pak?

    what sized game can i expect to find? im in north america.. what nights of the week and what time should i try to catch a game?

    i tried someones link from april 2016 here in the CTF forum but it gave me an error.

    would be nice to just have 1 zip i could extract and then edit my config to my liking.

    are there different variations of CTF servers i might find like in quake2?

    what other mods might i try out in quake one multiplayer ?

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    get the latest qrack


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      I'm not a ctf expert, but there are some people here who are interested. Keep in mind that most of us here are Quake1 players.

      I am a bit surprised CTF is not a mod listed on the left, but the "threewave" ctf maps can be downloaded here: Quake Terminus There are more ctf servers than listed on the front page server browser... click "full list" to see them all.

      Typically, you have to get people to plan ahead to join, since the demand is a bit sparse.