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I'm coming back

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  • I'm coming back

    Hey guys. I am ready to come play. It's been years since Ive played. I got the newest Windows. R00k where you at I need help installing.

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    Who is still CTF'ing? Old or new.

    Mostly, where are all my old homies?


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      Honestly, I stopped playing CTF so many years ago that I think I wasn't old enough *legal* to drink alcohol at that age

      I'm more of a kill anything not dressed like you kind of player. *CA/DM/RA*).

      Though I did play a lot of CTF and became pretty good at it, all my CTF'ing knowledge has become dull and useless. I don't even remember what maps I played CTF on.
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        Hi. I am also a new member of the forum. I am looking forward to exchange and learn more. Looking forward to sharing more with the same people!
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