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Calling all fans of Quakeworld CTF!

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  • Calling all fans of Quakeworld CTF!

    The Quakeworld Threewave Capture the Flag Steam group is born!

    This Steam group is designed to bring together players that still love to play Quakeworld Threewave Capture the Flag, like the good old days.

    Objectives of this group:
    1) Build up a pool of players that wish to play QWCTF on a regular basis
    2) Have our own dedicated server to play on
    3) Have regularly scheduled QWCTF events

    Target Audience:
    Those players that used to play QWCTF in the hayday of Quake 1. Although, those wishing to get in on what happened back then are welcome as well.

    Misc note: This group will focus on Quakeworld server play. Netquake users are welcome, but this group focuses on Quakeworld.

    Click the link below to check out the group and join if interested:

    For those unfamiliar with Steam, I highly recommend it, and membership is 100% free.

    I believe Steam is the best way to revive QWCTF play as it already has a 2 mil+ active gamer base and has built in message/friends system.

    If you seriously and honestly wish to be able to play QWCTF on a regular basis, please consider joining our Steam group.

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    If it's CTF I'm there. Even though QW CTF never really got an update past Zoid's release, the maps are the same
    (my name in Steam is SputnikUtah)
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      count me in


      Trickle's VWeps


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        Zoid, the MAN HIMSELF, has joined the Steam group! This is a great honor indeed, as to me, 3wave CTF is the best FPS multiplayer gaming I have ever experienced.

        How did he join?

        Here is the story:

        During the release of "The Passing" DLC for Left 4 Dead 2, devs form the L4D2 team made temp Steam accounts and allowed people to friend them so players could play with the devs to celebrate The Passing release.

        The night before The Passing was released some devs joined and played random games. I saw one dev join and also joined the same game, a game of Dark Carnival Versus.

        Even though I had no idea who the dev was, I started out by saying that I was excited about The Passing and that Left 4 Dead is my favorite FPS multiplayer gaming since Quake 1 days.

        Where, at which time, the dev stated he worked on Quakeworld. This peaked my interested and made me prod the dev with more questions would lead him to reveal he made 3wave CTF and thus was obviously Zoid!

        I was also suprised to find Zoid working for Valve (I had no idea), last I heard officially was that he worked with id on Q2 CTF.

        So anyways, the Steam group now has the official creator as well as a member, as well as 7 members already despite being only less than a month old. If we can keep getting more people to join, we can start at least once a week games!

        So, if you know any friends that would like to join in on the old school 3wave CTF gaming that will happen soon, please invite them, then it will happen SOONER!