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what is the difference between CRCTF and 3Wave ?_?

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  • what is the difference between CRCTF and 3Wave ?_?

    I like playing CTF. Im no good at it, but I play anyway. Pub is okay. A friend of mine (Who is next door to me) used to play CTF years ago and used to run with eXile and likes. I used to watch their ctf matches almost everyday. But I never noticed that there was 2 types of ctf. I just watch them. But really, whats the difference?

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    To the best of my knowledge CRCTF is a CRMODized CTF with more power and commands available. But there is also something different I can't quite describe.

    Intertex runs something that is more like CRCTF++ than CRCTF. Rook has continued to improve his version of CTF and it is a lot better than CRCTF. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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      3wave is who created ctf for quake1. They originally created the ctf mod that used the id maps, so that you didn't need any special maps or files to connect to a ctf server. Later they made special maps and a few other things like custom grapple and flag models etc, which then required you to have their mod if you wanted to play a server running it. When someone says they wanna play 3wave, they mean they want to play 3wave maps, not id maps.

      CRCTF is a specific mod created by jpg (author of proquake) to add match features to ctf, like CRMOD. CRCTF is always used on servers that run 3wave maps, such as or Because jpg didn't release the source for CRCTF and it hasn't been supported in several years, r00k recreated the mod from scratch, and that's actually what is running on intertex and hdz.

      So when someone says 3wave or CRCTF, they usually mean the same thing: playing 3wave maps on a server running the CRCTF mod.


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        ok ok, almost all correctly translated thru the teleport...

        David "Zoid" Kirch originally wrote the 1st CTF mod for quake. He called it 3wave, no idea when/why. Bsically it was runes + flags + deathmatch.
        Later (version 3.0) he and a few volentiers created custom 3wave, specific maps and models for the CTF mod. This 3wave mod was a public team mod.
        meaning, you connected to the server, and you were put on the losing team. period.
        So, after clans and all quake hell broke out... a ctf mod that could host a clan match was required.
        1.> The game starts when everyone is ready
        2.> Fixed timeframe usually 20 minutes
        3.> No fraglimit.
        4.> quad/pent/ring/ runes/ map choice VOTABLE
        5.> END OF MATCH STATS

        these are the premise of CRCTF (which is ZOID's code + NEW coding!)
        aka CLAN RING CTF
        Originally written by Paul Baker, (to whom JPG tok over crmod from, though jpg thru time totally re-wrote that mod), wrote the 1st making of crctf and it was a damn fine mod. Pulsewidth of clan DO, wrote CRCTF 2.0 from a open source licence of CRMOD 6.0, and combined it with 3wave ctf code. Worked but basically was lacking any true development
        So, then I created CRCTF 3.0, which was composed of ideas from paul baker's crctf mod, plus original code from ZOID, and codeworks from JPG's opensource
        ELOHIM v2.2 server. So, its not a direct decendant of CRMOD, as CRCTF 2.0 was BUT has evolved into, what i think as the most extensive CTF mod, with match support to date. Phew...

        so, as par for the quake community, its a damn fine group effort

        oh btw Slot Zero also helped me with some very nice code examples too!

        also I have my CRCTF running at
        and runs my mod too
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          Hey r00k, any chance of sharing your latest stable cr-ctf code, so I can try to set a server up on the euroquake box?
          If so, that'd be cool! (and would leave me wondering what maps I would need for it..)
          Any info would be appreciated, cheers!

          /me bumps this thread..


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            sure bump this again if i dont zip something up ..