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Trying to find a DM video...

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  • Trying to find a DM video...

    Years ago I saw a badass DM video on YouTube. I believe one of the players the video spectates was Daz. Most of the video was on DM6 and the song "Light the Torch" by Soilwork was playing. Somewhere in the middle of the video there's a user-made cutscene of Ranger being "ressurected" and his eyes turn red...I can't seem to track it down anymore. Anyone else here know what I'm talking about? It was fucking cool.
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    Was it this one?

    At around the 5 minute mark there's a resurrection scene in which Ranger's eyes turn red.

    You're right, it is super cool.
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      Yeah that's the one!!! Thanks man!

      It was Dag. I thought the name was Daz. That's why I couldn't find it. Still though, you'd think typing in 'Quake deathmatch video" would bring it up at some point. But I'm not the greatest web surfer lol.

      To anyone who hasn't seen this awesome vid, enjoy!
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