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State of Quake MP in 2017

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  • State of Quake MP in 2017

    I've been on Func for a while working on some SP maps but would like to play a little bit of DM now and again. What is the best client for MP these days? And are server browsers external or built in? I've searched but have been a bit confused by what I have found. I am open to creating a server too if I can find something that is easy to setup. I'm in the Los Angeles area.
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    There's a few guys on here (and elsewhere) that play a lot on crmod. I jump in from time to time. Had a pretty big game a few months ago. Sadly, there's not much else to speak of that I know of. When pcmagazine hosted some quakeworld servers for a week in celebration of quakes 20th bday, players came out of the woodwork. But other than that, I don't know what all the happenings on the QW side are.

    As far as clients...if DM gameplay is your only concern, the latest MarkV is a good option. It has an updated network protocol (baker can give the details, he did the engine). Proquake (also baker) works well too. Spike has also done a new version of quakespasm (Quakespasm Spiked) that has a better protocol as well. These are netquake clients (this website primarily deals with netquake). If quakeworld is your thing, ezquake runs well on my machine, and my machine is pretty damn old.
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      Both qrack and proquake both have in game server browsers. You probably noticed this site's home page has a listing of servers. There's also Real Time Server Browser which can show you when players have been active on a server.


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        Great. Sometimes tough to get up to date info. This helps a lot - thanks.
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          OFF TOPIC!?!?!?!

          Anyway if you want to play any dm then maybe you could post a thread and get people to see it so you could have maybe a 32 players server.

          If you want a 256 players server(which will kill your computer) use Darkplaces.
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