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Old school Quake 1 guy - please help!

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  • Old school Quake 1 guy - please help!

    Hi everyone. I'm an old school Quake 1 player. We used to play Deathmatches ALL the time at work! I want to do the same thing with friends (remotely) now that the China Virus has all of us at home. I have MAC OS Catalina 10.15. My friends have PC's and MAC's. Any recommendations to help me get started figuring all this out?! Would love to play death matches with my friends via Internet.

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    Regarding servers I guess you either need to find a public server where u can play or you need to setup one yourself.
    Public servers can be found here
    Regarding clients I'm no expert on Quake 1 clients but I remember that I used Qrack last time I played.
    If you instead could consider playing Quakeworld, which more or less is the same as Q1, you can download nquake which is a complete bundle, don't know if it's mac-compatible though.
    Regarding mac clients I'm quite lost sorry, but there are some on the ezquake page (same client as in nquake package)

    Good luck!

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      Have you tried using DOSBOX ipxnet with Hamachi? You can connect me over the Facebook. The new clients are simply disgusting. They have this ugly high resolution and soapy textures.

      P.S. Why do you suddenly bringing up politics by calling the Covid-19 a chinese virus when it was developed and patented in the american laboratiories, with 1/3 of all patients being from the United States?
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        Hi Q1996Player,
        As I recall there are MAC versions of the Proquake engine (see website), the MarkIV engine (see website), and also the Quakespasm engine (see website). Probably the first thing would be to get the engine up and running (if you haven't already done so) and then it should be a small relatively jump for you to start playing multiplayer games online. These engines should be able to play the custom maps till your heart's content but in order to play the original maps from ID for episodes 2,3 and 4 you would normally need the PAK1.PAK files from the ID directory in a proper quake installation which is currently 3.99 on steam.

        Hope this helps

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          brotherKOC - Do you have some sources to back up that claim? Also, who has the other 2/3rds of the patents if any of what you say is true, at all?

          I'm not denying your facts ... I am challenging them. It shouldn't be hard at all for you to prove them if they are true. I googled all kinds of stuff regarding it and found nothing that matches what you say.

          Assuming any of what you say is correct ... USA hosts many multi-national and foreign owned businesses. Saying something is developed in American laboratories doesn't say anything. It could have been developed in America by a privately owned Saudi business (as an example). Details matter.
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            Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
            brotherKOC - Do you have some sources to back up that claim? Also, who has the other 2/3rds of the patents if any of what you say is true, at all?

            I'm not denying your facts ... I am challenging them. It shouldn't be hard at all for you to prove them if they are true. I googled all kinds of stuff regarding it and found nothing that matches what you say.
            I wonder how one can be challenged to google the most simple stuff such as Covid-19 statistics and it's link with the american biolabs, even though you are quite dedicated person that has already over a five thousand posts on a Quake 1 forum. Compared to you I'm merely a noob who only learns how to properly use rocketjump.


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              No sources then? In my search I found a lot of stuff that implies you are wrong, even the Prime Minister of China (or some position high up like that) claiming that the accusation is ridiculous. I searched the patent office and only found links to people racing to patent the vaccine. I asked you a very simple question "can you provide sources?", not "what is your opinion on my ability to search your accusation?". My searches don't substantiate your claim, they refute it and by omission don't even acknowledge it. 100's of links express that it originated in Wuhan. Where are your sources to the contrary? I found maybe 2 links that claim that the US brought it to China during The Military Games and that was the very thing the Prime Minister (or whatever) was claiming is ridiculous.

              It doesn't matter to me what you believe, but if you want me (and others) to believe it, you will have to do better than just claim something. I'm very open minded and I don't have anything invested in the current story ... show some actual proof. The more of it, the better. An "American Biolab" is not proof. Who owns that lab? Is there proof the lab released it or was it stolen/ released by a rogue party? According to you America has 1/3 of the patents. Who actually owns those patents. America is a country and isn't capable of owning anything. Who owns the greater share of 2/3rds? Even if an American company owns the patent that is not proof that a Wuhan lab did not let the virus escape. A patent just means that no one else can use the virus commercially. Nothing is stopping some foreign lab from experimenting with it.

              Question: In 1942 Italian Physicist Enrico Fermi created the first nuclear reactor in Chicago. In 1986 Chernobyl in the Soviet Union blew up. Was that the American disaster, the Italian disaster or the Soviet disaster?

              Questions 2: If a lab in Wuhan releases some version of an "American patented" disease that gets the world sick, is it the China flu or the America flu? Do you blame the patent holder or the people that released it? If you choose the former ... who owns the other 66% of patents (assuming any of your info is correct)?

              I'm pressing you because you said a bunch of generic things and did not provide a single source for your info. If I made your claim there would be 10 links to it with cross references, white papers and news clips. "The earth is flat ... look it up." That's essentially what you did. And if I did look that up there would be thousands of links, but it does not make ANY of them true. Proof is more than a link that just says a bunch of things.

              For the record: I have absolutely nothing against you. You made accusations and I am challenging them. It is no more or less than that. In the age of fake news and utter bullshit it is literally ALL of our duty to do so. The days of spreading a story should be long over. If you want to make a claim, you should have to provide a mountain of evidence proving it AND be prepared to defend it when someone sharper than you pokes a million holes in it. I can give you a heads up, though. If you can't make a solid case against yourself, you aren't prepared to defend it. You could decide you agree with everything I say and I could come right back here and tell you why you are wrong. This is how you find the truth. One argument is bound to eventually collapse and that's the one that is bullshit.
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