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Teleports in DM3 glitching / cullentities not working

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  • Teleports in DM3 glitching / cullentities not working

    so I noticed last night in DM3 if you set r_novis to 0 (the default i think), the teleports in DM3 (in Yellow Armor and at Back Hall) start to glitch and what not (i never noticed before because I always use r_novis 1)

    The problem is that from certain angles, when you look thru the teleport you can see thru it and get a glimpse of other parts of the map AND/OR you can see firing going on.

    For example, standing at YA looking at the teleport, I could completely see a shaft line of somebody over at RA Rotunda, where it started and where it ended, as well as rockets flying and where they landed. It's not a huge advantage but definitely helps.

    The bigger issue I noticed was at backhall, from certain angles you can see RIGHT into red armor! and even worse then that, you can see that if the armor has spawned or not. I thought the whole point of cullentities was so that items and things outside of view would not show?

    Obviously you can see the problem when someone stands at backhall and can see when RA spawns, if somebody took it, etc.

    You can't see player models thru the teleport (which i'm guessing is due to cullentities) but you can still see when items disappear , firing, etc, which is more then enough to let you know things.

    I made this thread not to bring this to light, but maybe to see if someone could patch the teleports in DM3 to an all black texture, or something that takes away the r_novis aspect being related to teleports.

    i've tested this on both crmod and dmtx

    I'm gonna upload some screenshots in my next post to show what I mean

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    In these two photos, you can clearly see the red armor has spawned, plus see in to the RA and see all the other ammo as well, so altho you can't see a player model, if you see ammo disappearing you can imagine someone is there

    Backhall - Glitch 1.jpg

    Backhall - glitch 2.jpg


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      Lastly, in these two pics, you can see how I can see my gernade explosion over by Quad, and how I can see the SG amo box clearly

      YA-Glitch 4.jpg
      YA-glitch 2.jpg

      I couldn't do better ss's at the moment cuz i'm heading to work and nobody was on to test it, but hopefully you guys get the idea

      it should be pretty easy to fix IMO, not that I know anything about coding or whatever


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        With sv_cullentities 2 the server will cull all the entities. The server currently has that option set to 1, which only culls the player models.

        You should always have r_novis at 0. The reason you are seeing entities thru your teleporter is because u have r_wateralpha set to something less than 1, ie 0.5

        r_novis tells the engine that there is no visdata for underwater leafs so, it draws the entire world with out checking, which can eat up more fps. You really never need r_novis 1. If the map was made with transparent water, then using r_wateralpha 0.5 would automatically show clear water. Otherwise with r_novis 0 and r_wateralpha 0.5 you will get a hall or mirrors effect, in which case gl_clear 1 would eliminate. confused? Just keep r_novis 0 and r_wateralpha 1 and you will have no problems.
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          hey rook
          thanks for looking

          I thought it was a glitch because I was almost positive Tremor set dmtx to cullentities 2 but now it's at 1. I thought we (as in you and tremor) made a fix for the pent/quad glow to allow cullentities 2?

          anyways, with that said, all servers (dm atleast) need to use cullentities 2 and the fix that rook posted otherwise that's pretty lame

          hey rook --

          the problem with using r_novis 0 and r_wateralpha 1, atleast in DM, is that it adds a dark layer on the top of the water and you cant see the location of the pillars, water tunnel, etc inside the water when you're looking from above at bridge

          let me post 2 screenshots to show the clear advantage of using r_novis 1 and something like r_wateralpha 0.3


          altho the map doesn't have see thru enabled, having r_novis 1 still gives you way better accuracy when figuring out where to shoot enemies in the water when you're up at bridge
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            True, now i'll LOL at any hardcore dm player that doesnt want VIS'd map support!

            We should make a dm3 version with clear water and put it on the server as a custom level, and see if players like it. This would allow you to use r_novis 0 and r_wateralpha .4, have clear water, at less fps cost, and allow you to see items and players out or in the water as well.

            quad/pent glow will work on either option, cullentites 2 was hoggin cpu cycles. We tried throttling this with a tracetimer. The tracetimer was set per entity in the edict structure on the server. But silly CRMOD uses entity offsets to handle things internally, so any modification to the server's entity dictionary throws CRMOD's offset out of whack and will result in a crash! So, with sv_cullentities 2 entites will blink instantly at obtuse angles...

            Bottom line it will still work, just makes the server work harder. If the server is hosted by someone like fatpipe, then they have hardware capable enough to handle it
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              another major benefit of r_novis 1 and r_wateralpha < 1 is when you're inside the water shooting out on to bridge - you can see exactly where to shoot rather than just blindly shooting out of the water


              edit - you definitely don't want to be able to see people and items in the water since the person at bridge would just fire rockets at you, i understand your point if the water is 'clear' it should be clear, but i think it works well like that

              ah okay, that makes sense about cpu hogging

              isn't there another option just to put a solid black texture in the teleports?

              okay gotta go now seriously this time, thanks for the info and things
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                the textures are drawn client side. Its when the textures are drawn with transparency they are lumped in an alpha chain and drawn sequentially. So, they dont get culled client side (gl_cull) as the world chain and alpha chain are drawn in separate passes.


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                  you guys dont sleep, eh?

                  (/smokey is now fucking w/ r_retrosettings)


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                    r_wateralpha is considered a cheat in qw for the most part. at least one that a server is able to enable explicitly.
                    if it was fastvised, try a full vis for the server's copy instead.
                    Some Game Thing


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                      I always use r_novis 1 and r_wateralpha .3
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                        Now I know why retro is so good. I was wondering how people hit pillars and bridge so well.

                        I'm 100% positive CD uses these in games vs me. This is how he wins.


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                          Originally posted by Bruce2 View Post
                          Now I know why retro is so good. I was wondering how people hit pillars and bridge so well.

                          I'm 100% positive CD uses these in games vs me. This is how he wins.

                          You should start using a mother fn LASERSIGHT against CD.

                          Get Qrack, and do gl_laserpoint 1 , CD won't know what hit him, besides a LASER - AIM'd RL.
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