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  • Want to play some TDM?

    TDM wants to play with you.
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    just check the front page server browser.....

    :< it's hard to get new players.. ||


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      I'd play if someone finally made a mod to make the game more interesting.

      Some new game modes such as bomb, domination etc. or perhaps something that's actually creative.

      Playing Q1 online these days is like playing the original Diablo or something. It was groundbreaking in its day, but it has sadly been succeeded by more interesting games.

      And before someone asks what I'd like, I'd like objective-based teamplay where fragging is not the only thing that counts. Tactical stuff, you know. Something that requires some brain usage as well.

      I'd also play a dedicated coop mod with custom maps etc.

      But that's just me.

      Also, ping.
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        Coop is my bag baby! Whether its Doom or Quake if its coop count me in! (time allowing)

        FYI dpmod has a domination game mode.
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