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QExpo 2016: 20 years of Quake

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  • QExpo 2016: 20 years of Quake

    The fan-made celebration and exposition known as Quake Expo will return this summer! The schedule will be similar to the 2006 10-year QExpo, with one big difference: registration will open much sooner.

    Registration opens: May 14 at
    July 16 to July 30: Quake Expo.

    Another big difference is the interactivity of the site. Registered users will be able to comment on booths and news, and post to an activity stream. The site will allow multiple event and news content creators. The early registration will allow users to create writings that could be displayed around the time of the June 22 Quake anniversary date, and more time to work out any kinks in the site.

    To make this the best Quake Expo ever, and to create and moderate content, we'll need volunteers. If anyone would like to volunteer, or just help kick the tires on the site, please PM me.

    Site roles needing volunteers: moderator, editor, news posters, FAQ/ help booth guru. The editor will help booth authors and release booths for posting at the start of the expo.

    Other ways to participate-
    • We'll also need folks to spread the word to other Quake communities including QuakeWorld, Quake 2, and Quake 3.

    • Organize or host server events for multiplayer.

    • Interviews!

    • With several active Quake-related forums and social media outlets, the site will likely be just one facet of the event. There's opportunity to organize Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. communications.

    • What can you think of??

  • #2 replies yet... I should NOT have used the "v" word!


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      Originally posted by qbism View Post replies yet... I should NOT have used the "v" word!
      I don't think the "v" word has anything to do with it. If that was the case this site would probably not be here if everyone had to get paid for their time and work.

      I do believe that inactivity may be the cause for no replies. Very few are even posting or responding to post these day's. The older we get, the busier life get's and the less time we have to spend here.


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        People are busier- self included - and historically qexpo implies a large time commitment from a very small group. In this case, we're trying to spread the load out and also the time between registration and opening date to get booths together.

        We've seen amazing projects in just the past year alone. So there are talented individuals still dedicating a lot of time and energy.

        Maybe as folks get older, they're spending more time on projects and less time socializing. Perhaps also less worry about amassing a large audience or what others think.

        One other aspect is the fracturing into many splinter groups with little interaction. It was surprising to me when I started looking around. Engines are my thing so as an example, there's the Vogons retro gaming forum where q2dos and qdos have been posted. These are both amazing clients, but I haven't seen much about them outside of their circles of influence. Other examples might include regional and national Quake communities... some overlap but nothing consistent.
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          As much as I'm all down for this, I've recently joined a local gaming team and I have a part time job, so whenever I'm not at work I'm having to dedicate all my time to working on improving so the team can go to the ESL finals later in the year/next year :c
          wew lad


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            Thanks for mentioning the interest, anyway, and best luck. Is ESL playing DOTA 2 lately? Big $$$ to your team!


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              Gotta love some fn QExpo !! 2 thumbs up!!
              Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!


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                Originally posted by qbism View Post
                Thanks for mentioning the interest, anyway, and best luck. Is ESL playing DOTA 2 lately? Big $$$ to your team!
                We're a league of legends team, but afaik DOTA2 is supported so eventually I'll try and convince the org to start a DOTA2 team if I can get their league team doing well. I'm expecting to get into the semi pro/pro scene properly next year as I move in with the coach and manager next week to streamline everything and get my practice in full effect. Ergo the little time for quake :c
                wew lad


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                  Originally posted by Mindf!3ldzX View Post
                  Gotta love some fn QExpo !! 2 thumbs up!!
                  3 thumbs up!

                  Past Quake Expos:

                  Quake Expo 2011
                  Quake Expo 2008
                  Quake Expo 2006 <----- maybe most enjoyable one
                  Quake Expo 2005
                  Quake Expo 2003
                  Quake Expo 2001

                  A chance to showcase your Quake works, whether a map, a mod, an engine, a Quake comic, art, textures or even in some cases a story, map reviews or commentary or an interview.

                  I had a booth in 2006 and I couldn't even engine code back then ... yeah its true, I was at one point in time a total newb who couldn't do much of anything really and had to beg friends for some QuakeC to make things happen. And I had no idea on how to even begin to compile an engine.

                  So I was totally just a social entity that spoke well, having no other abilities at all except I could often talk people into doing things. Haha.

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                  So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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                    Looking forward to it, not sure how much time I'll have to contribute. ~
                    my FPS maps


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                      i think i will participate, not confirmed yet
                      the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



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                        I would like to help out but I have no knowledge of any of the things in the OP. I'm not even very good at playing the game!

                        I'll wrack my age-addled brain over the next wee while to try to think of something... Unless you guys can think of something (nice!) to do with a talentless geek.
                        I got the phone call at 4 a.m.


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                          Originally posted by dfsp_spirit View Post
                          Looking forward to it, not sure how much time I'll have to contribute. ~
                          Spirit, I've been experimenting with Q2 mapping and used your guide to help get started.

                          Helping newcomers and sharing experiences can also be part of the expo. It's not just about projects. Has anyone recently started modding or playing Quake? New mappers? I would enjoy reading about those impressions of getting started, and I think others would too.

                          Also don't be afraid to recycle, reuse, or renew your old works. It will be new to somebody!


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                            We will participate. How could such an event without us?


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                              Through the Gates of the Silver Key

                              The site is open! Anyone may register. For those who don't intend to create a booth or event, all site members may post in the activity stream, comment on booths and news, and participate in groups.