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US Quake Community weekly event schedule.

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  • US Quake Community weekly event schedule.

    USQC weekly QuakeWorld event schedule 3/23-3/30. All events will begin at 8PM CST.

    Tuesday- QuakeWorld FFA
    Wednesday- Doom 2 DM
    Thursday- QuakeWorld CTF
    Friday- Quake 2 DM
    Saturday- QuakeWorld Duel Tournament

    We are at 173 members guys and our QuakeWorld and Doom FFA events are always hot 8-14 people. If your interested in playing come see us at
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    Here is the schedule for 3/19-3/23 sorry I was a bit late updating it. Event snip.PNG Here is a screenshot from last weekends event. We have a lot of players its a really fun time. I know the pic is a little small but there are 14 players in there.