Hello Quakers!

Tomorrow is our weekly QuakeWorld FFA tournament, which is simply a pub game where the player with the most overall frags in two hours is awarded the title "Champion of the Week" and a role on our discord server.

-Address: usquake.world:28501

-Date && Time: Saturday, 07-27-2019 AT 8PM/2000 Central Daylight Time (US)

Offical discord invite link: http://discord.usquake.world

Quakenet IRC channel: #usqc (if you would like to idle here contact me and I can make you can account on our private IRC bouncer)

QTV: http://usquake.world

Our QuakeWorld servers are the most populated in the US (possibly all of NA) and we typically have a large turnout on event nights.

Thanks for reading! Hope to frag you soon!