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  • DM and CA team pick up games

    Hey y'all,

    There have been alot passionate posts and despite everyone's differences and preferences, there is one thing in common:
    Everyone's passion for the game.

    I am going to try to organize some team pick DM and CA games.

    The aim is to get some people playing again hopefully get the servers populated with players once again.

    The best approach I think is to start slow and to let it catch on and dont set expectations too high.

    Once we get a good base of players again, then we can talk tourneys etc.

    The advantage we have are there are alot of people that contribute and view these forums, so we'll use that fully to our advantage.

    Without further babbling, the first pick up time slot will be:

    When: Tuesday, April 27th 9:30PM EST

    Where: DM.CLANHDZ.COM (we may move the if everyone agrees but this seems to be the most active DM server currently)

    Notes: I've got a couple of players like Zord and TV on email so send a note to them. My email is [email protected]

    CA details to come out soon. (I am thinking this will be a bit different than regular play, as we would pick teams for fairness and have best of 3 matches)

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    Sounds good to me.. I'll try to make it.. Although that time is right around dinner time for my family.


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      Shoks da man
      Quake One Resurrection
      Great Quake engine

      Qrack 1.60.1 Ubuntu Guide
      Get Qrack 1.60.1 running in Ubuntu!


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        kimp jr. in the making...


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          Originally posted by Souless View Post
          Sounds good to me.. I'll try to make it.. Although that time is right around dinner time for my family.
          Hoping for around a 2 hour session so theres enough time after dinner!

          Some guy posted this on Quakeone facebook and I already see some old schoolers coming back haha


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            Which quake one facebook page? or is there just the one?


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              Nevermind I found it.


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                  Originally posted by naustic View Post

                  Holy Moley!!


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                    haha i thought about getting a quake1 tattoo but nothing that huge


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                      Reminder: Come out and play!

                      We've had three straight nights of team DM sessions and hopefully tonight will bring a bunch more!

             9:30 EST (we should be good for at least 2 hours, so if you can't make it at 9:30, join up later!)

                      I will be starting a separate thread on CA pick up today.


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                        Dunno if I can, kid duty, but I'll try.


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                          Originally posted by Cataklysque View Post
                          Dunno if I can, kid duty, but I'll try.
                          nice...Bib, Bruce, Tical, Temper were all on yesterday and they know about tonight so looking good so far, brah.

                          Bay was tearin it up.

                          Lenny is in school.


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                            I msg'd shane on fb today so maybe we can pull him out of retirement too


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                              i'll make it 2night ...9;30est.... might be eating dinner around 6:30mytime.. we'll c tho.. ill stop in and play a few for sure..

                              <---Krix for those who don't know me as Chris.