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zild got beat K0ng tonite

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  • zild got beat K0ng tonite

    [ame=""]It's not the end of my world! Life goes on...[/ame]
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    Mark, when the post I made titled "Zild got beat by kimp tonite!"~Before it became a major focus of discussion,I felt bad about making it,but making that post brought things back into perspective for me...

    Originally posted by Mindf!3ldzX
    Be sure and let Zild know he's trippin balls brah.

    Go hug that fucking poodle more.

    my bad, Dauchtsun? SPELLCHECK IS FOR BITCHES, OKAY?
    Mark, I want to be perfectly honest with you.....I am ashamed at the post,and I regret making it.
    I made that post out of being ill,pissed off,confused how anyone (Zild at the time)who enjoys Quake1,and prefers actually having players on the server's, would be so blind to the kimp situation,and have such a careless attitude torwards the evil satan child that is known as Kimp.He has committed every "Quake Sin" immaginable. Cheating / Creating his own HACKED version of ProQuake , Crashing Servers when he gets banned. Using proxy's to evade bans, He has attempted to use SOCIAL-ENGINEERING as a way of getting bans lifted.

    If the term social-engineering is something you haven't heard of, its basically attempting to gain access to things you rightfully dont have access to,by many methods. It's pretending to be someone else, to obtain information that is reserved for certain people only, and the way you gain access to that reserved information/data/access , is by knowing "how to talk" to the person who can give you access.

    Kimp wanted his ban's lifted, so he thought by emailing server host's ,using spoofed emails, he could trick the server hosting company to UNBAN him,having them manually go into the mod files and edit his IP address out of the ban config file.I think he succeeded once at this too!!!

    Kimp represents the antichrist of Quake. If left unchecked,his behaviour is what drives players away,and makes Quake completely uncool with his actions..

    So, that post really was uncalled for. My head was in the right place , but there are a bunch of different,and even better alternatives to how I actually ended up handing the ordeal,which was to making the hate-filled post. In my defense, my hatred stem'd directly from my love for Quake,and understandably ,I take extreme concern about how the DM community handle's the entire kimp situation.

    Magnus was left admin to CRMOD for one purpose. To aid in keeping kimp off the servers,and as near as I can tell the only thing magnus has done is condone him being able to play on the server's,since Christmas I presume,since thats when Magnus found out his heart bleeds for kimp.

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      K0ng would crush Zild, it would still be a good match but Zild seems to have fallen off the skill wagon a bit.
      Zild is still an excellent player!

      (CA-wise) not sure about DM
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        To watch them shoot and miss each other mark ???
        Want to get into playing Quake again? Click here for the Multiplayer-Startup kit! laissez bon temps rouler!


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          ive been gone for almost a month and ppl still talking poop eh? Mark's trying to start quake drama FOK!