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QExpo 11 servers?

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  • QExpo 11 servers?

    This might already have been answered here or elsewhere, but I just thought I'd double check...
    From what I can remember, all previous QExpo's had at least one server up for people (booth makers and visitors) to play on. Sometimes particular "events" were set up, at other times, it was an opportunity to play mods (or maps) otherwise rarely played online.
    Do we know if that's going to be possible this year? Have contacts been made? QuakeOne seems to have a few servers of its own. Could QuakeOne webmasters tell us if any of them could become dedicated to QExpo?

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    I don't know if you've gotten to see this thread or not but maybe this will help.
    or talk to Chip, he's the guy in charge,and could give you all the details .


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      "****" servers are owned by different people, not excluseively. Just a FYI.
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        Thanks for the info, guys. If you're interested in following up this thread, there is one with a similqr focus on I3D: Inside3d Forums :: View topic - QExpo11 - "Official" Game Servers?


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          Let me know if I can help out. I don't have a good centrally located low-latency server, but I can put anything up.


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            dodgeball server is afaik in need of a home.
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