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The 'RuneQuake' Challenge.

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  • The 'RuneQuake' Challenge.

    The 411 on RuneQuake; In RuneQuake its possible to effectively win the game without ever using the +attack button.
    Tons of people over the years purport it is for this reason RuneQuake requires no skill,and only newb's play there.....They lied to you!

    See further below for proof....!!!

    The Challenge : PROOF ~ There has never been any proof provided you can win a game without ever using the +attack button / only utilizing the rune powers with the pickups. I've seen statements like these for many many years. Now it's time for some fun. I challenge (I will be trying this,and unbinding my +attack for safe measure / recording the attempts to demo just incase it CAN be done. ) anyone to win a full-ish server with just rune-use only at Shmack.

    I think the lack of +attack usage will stifle anyones attempt at this, and 50 frags is impossible without the +attack.

    Anyone hating on RuneQuake just can't win it thats my story and im stickin to it.

    give me ; demo of showing no +attack use, only rune-use, and winning a 5 or more enemys shmack game (you+5 others minimum!) and getting 50 frags first.
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    That challenge is pretty hard, especially with the normal crowd that plays Runequake now. The most common maps played features spots where someone will sit and spam gas grenades and everyone always tries to flush out the camper. Without using +attack, and I assume that includes the hook, it'll be hard to kill mass amounts quickly enough.

    The easiest thing is to get radio + bezerk on an open map and watch them all fall!!!! muhahaha


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      I would not say impossible. But luck if it ever happens. I give it a number of 1/50.4 billion games of runequake. Meaning keep trying eventually you may have success.


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        this sounds cool. it would be a unique challenge. i would try it, but im not familiar enough with the runes.
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          I once won a map by getting 45 frags with hook/runes and 5 frags with regular weapons... ... that one map with the window that looks into that open rune with the portal and the mega health... I love sitting in the open room and hooking people through the window


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            I miss the days of pub CTF, where 16 people constantly played for 6 hours on end. Now I could win a ctf game without shooting anyone sure