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    Originally posted by wicked_lord View Post
    I think in the middle of it all CAx is the best way to go.. Personally IMO.. Because 1.) you have all weapons 2.) you have to kill eachother with equal health/weapons/ammo. Yes you loose ammo if you keep spamming it all over the place, but in the end, the person with the smarts or best aim/movement wins. Only thing is there is no hook. (thank god) but again this is my opinion.
    Your right, there will never be a more 'equal footing place' for measuring raw skill than server's that give you all the weapons (IHOC/CAx) and an enemy to fight.
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      Originally posted by Baker View Post
      Any ideas on how to avoid "<insert what you play>" sucks kind of stuff in the forums?

      This kind of stuff ends up being like some of the bad NetQuake/QW arguments or "<your engine sucks> I use <my favorite engine>" arguments.
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