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    @Mr Burns

    I like it and IMO it's pretty good. I would like to suggest that you don't use real textures during the construction phase. Using a grid texture can make your job easier. If you need some grid textures I include a set I made with every virtuoso radiant game pack. If you can't find a working link let me know and I'll hunt down the wad for you and post a link.


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      key on the run


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        A mini mission pack for Quake - for Arcane Dimensions. Compataible with Quake Spasm and DarkPlaces. It'll feature a startmap, a basemap, a dimensional map and a boss map. My deadline is the end of April, or early May - before the new DOOM comes out! For now, just Trenchbroom views - mood lighting comes later....


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          Not as good as the stuff you guys have shared, but I did manage to bake ambient occlusion into QuakeTF map "town2"

          A bit of a lengthy video, but it shows the map in my own viewer (as I toggle between the old and the new lightmap), the exported OBJ file loaded in blender for light baking, and then the map loaded in quake as I run around in it.


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            Workin' on my first Quake SP map!

            I will upload it for people to download when its finished, which should be in the next day or two!

            here's a screen shot:


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              Once I made a rebuiled of a DukeN3D level of Startrack. Converted it in an obvious way with qwinbsp to Quake and got a level that outdstrided its dimensions much too large. It also had so many wedges I spent weeks deleting them untill I had a "reasonable" level. Years on I went back searching but it was lost.

              Then I tumbled into a mod from Andrew Wyllie from 1997 and again my facination grew. It was a perfect mod, complete with additional qc, but no players as it was a level made for the net. And for me as addicted singleplayer this was a sad conclusion. I couldn't contact Wyllie, all posts from 1997 were lost.

              So I began rebuilding the level piece by piece, as nowadays compilers are much more flexible. Also I thought the lightning was far too bright, and I wanted to add some new parts to make the level more attractive.
              Then I came to the part I don't want the common Quake monsters in it, so here I am, construckting Romulans and Ferengi's.


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                Looks like it could be a fun level to play, Madfox. Considering the limitations of Quake it looks like your doing a good job. It might be interesting to see more of the level as it progresses as well.

                Kind regards
                WWW: Quake Terminus , QuakeVoid You Tube: QuakeVoid

                News: Sadly the excellent site will be closing shortly. RIP NGQ, you will be missed


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                  This map, for some reason, astonishingly resembles a CryEngine 1 map which I had in one of my dreams. Wow, what a coincidence.
                  Looks beautiful, too.
                  (lol, that username matches your mapping skills)

                  Now, let's see, since I'm here, I might as well show some of my mapping projects... though I've only got 1 for Quake. xd
                  The rest is GoldSRC, CryEngine 1, Source and Svengine (which is basically a modified GoldSRC engine).

                  Having mentioned Quake...

                  Just so you know, this is a mix of tetrahedrons and wedges. I heard that Darkplaces supports the Q3 map format (which would give me the power of using patches), but I've never used it, lol.

                  Anyone who has seen these before, well... it's from the same map.
                  I just stopped working on it, that's why nothing has changed. :/

                  Since I've seen some CryEngine 2 screenshots up there, I definitely wanted to include some from CryEngine 1:

                  Hehe, look at those fools.

                  I also remember this one:

                  Gotta love CryEngine. <3
                  I also once tried porting de_dust2 to it:

                  I just need to extract those textures...

                  ^ Best thing ever.


                  I'm surprised how this even manages to run on my 2007 laptop.

                  Lately, I've been working on some entity setups:

                  Now we're already on a Quake engine derivative: GoldSRC.

                  I.m.o. this looks pretty. :3
                  (and yes, I've added some furniture, don't complain, this is just an older screenshot)

                  Ah, everybody's favourite part of my CS map: the big hole in the wall. You can see individual bricks, too.

                  This is the reason I started mapping. :]

                  And lastly, I started playing around with Source, a little bit. This map surely won't go anywhere, lol.
                  For the ones who don't understand, блин means "pancake" and no, I'm not Russian, I just happen to know some of it.


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                    They look quite promisiing Admer, please keep them coming. It's good to see fresh ideas coming through (whether it is with the Quake Engine or not )

                    Kind regards

                    WWW: Quake Terminus , QuakeVoid You Tube: QuakeVoid

                    News: Sadly the excellent site will be closing shortly. RIP NGQ, you will be missed


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                      I will. I'm currently busy with high school, so there probably won't be any until the end of spring.


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                        New additions to the Startrek Quake1 Mod.

                        The Cargobay.
                        Ten Forward.
                        thecore.jpgThe Core.


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                          This reminds me of the original System Shock


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                            I remember System Shock2. It must be the bleek textures. As this is a remake of Andrew Whity's DM level I only rebuild the map with its original textures.
                            The reason was I couldn't stand the harsh lightning, which of course is due to the early tools of the ninties with standard 300.
                            If I had been more clever I could have saved me a lot of time simply adding monsters to the death match map.
                            But then it would 't have become this funny StartTrek
                            mod anyway.


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                              Madfox Have you considered porting the Quake 3 engine Star Trek: Elite Force textures for your mod? Or using them as external textures?
                              Secret Level - Quake fandom & my custom levels


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                                That's not a bad idea.
                                I''ve been searching for them but gave up after an endless bum of pupop sites.
                                Gladly I have a PC-Zone CD with a EliteForce Demo and now I'm exporting them.
                                I'm having a bit of trouble with the Q3-md3 files as they come in three parts.
                                Now I'm crunching for a way to stick them together.

                                Thanks for the hint though, it is more then welcome!