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    I made a little movie presenting the features of my Dark Places build. With my new non-linear joystick input transformation I attempt to do a steady cam style walk through of the Introduction hall and episode chamber.

    By the way, is there a way to turn off the notifications about "This hall selects the ... skill?"
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    Joystick looks pretty smooth, nice.

    @skill select message

    I could be wrong, but unless Darkplaces has a way to remove entities via script, then you can't turn it off without modifying the QC. Or altering the .map file and re-compiling. The message appears when you touch the trigger and are facing towards the end of the hall.
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      Hello Syber Raith,

      This is the cvar you are looking for:
      scr_centertime 0

      You obviously have some issues with your Quake setup. But as long as you are happy with it, it is OK.



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        Yes, the smoothness of the video gets a bit choppy, particularly when I'm translating on both x and y axes while turning the z axis. I completely rewrote the function that that polls the raw values from the joystick processes it and then sends the update to the engine. I handle all thee axes with one call to that function because the way I have they affect each other dynamically.

        I suppose I could break it back up onto three calls again to see if that helps.

        I also get a kind of surging in the speed. I think that has to do with the bobbing features.

        What there something else you noticed?
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          Awesome work!!!
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