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The Quake Grave #191 - Fall Cleaning - Happy Halloween!

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  • The Quake Grave #191 - Fall Cleaning - Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween everyone! Here is my Quake Grave episode for this week, we're playing through Fall Cleaning. Originally created for a Haunted House themed contest/jam in 2003 around Halloween time, it seems to be the only map from the contest that actually came out! It's pretty cool though, check it out!

    Check out the map here:

    If you want to watch even more Quake Grave, the playlist with all of the episodes is here:

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    Damn, i missed 100 episodes
    ​​​​​​Nice House but a Little too many Inhabitants with too Short temper for my taste.

    Edit: That was the best Desperate Housewives Episode ever!
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      Speaking of episodes... The current count is equivalent to almost 15 seasons (in tv terms). I'm pretty sure (didn't check) that ArrrCee has beat Seinfeld in episodes. Only like 400 summin to go and you can catch The Simpsons.


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        TheKillingJoke Ha! ;P

        MadGypsy I'd like to thank my producer and my agent but most of all my cat!

        I'll keep going with the show as long as people are still digging it and who knows, maybe we'll catch up to The Simpsons some day! =)


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          You'll probably never catch the simpsons unless they stop making them. Over 50 episodes a year and you are over 400 in the hole. Even if you put out 70 episodes a year it would take you 20 years to catch them.


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            Nice vid again. I have a recommendation: Day of the Lords by GlassMan. This was THE first custom map I ever played and was blown away (long time ago, before I realized Quake could even handle a map like this). I just DL'd it again for a trip down memory lane. Still a lot of fun. Link if you're interested:

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              Originally posted by ArrrCee View Post
              ...I'll keep going with the show as long as people are still digging it...
              I'm digging it , Please keep it going, as to me it's bordering on compulsive viewing I think I did mention it in the comments section on one of your videos, but it might be fun to see you explore some custom mods such as RQuake Mod which has a plethora of custom maps and challenging gameplay included, or maybe some of the multiplayer maps?
              It's just a thought but as many of the younger players of today seem to like their in game "eye candy", have you considered using something like Darkplaces or FTE with some of the newer texture packs as it might catch their eye and broaden the appeal of the game. The Kyu One video is probably a good example of some of the things you can can do with a video of a 21 year old game, although they did use a custom QW engine and perhaps some of the things are a bit over the top in some areas for what you want to do?. I fully undersrtand if you prefer it with the original feel, like I said it was just an idea to help advertise the game
              In any event if I can help in any way, please PM me.

              Warm regards

              (AKA QuakeVoid on Youtube )
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                Puh, i Just saw that Kyu One Video and hell, i think i got bloomed to death now.
                I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
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                  @compulsive viewing

                  No doubt. I can absolutely identify. QG is probably currently my favorite show.


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                    Dutch Thanks Dutch! It looks like a ton of people like Day of the Lords, so that might creep up the list more on the requests.

                    The only problem with requests is that some times it feels like I can't get to them, especially this year, because there have been so many new releases. There are even new releases I've passed over because there are so many! The reason I've kept up with them is that one of my biggest requests from many people was to play the newer released maps. Before that I was just playing old maps, so since it's changed, that's sort of what's been the thing.

                    Mr.Burns I'm glad to hear you like the show so much Monty! I watched that video you linked and while it's really impressive and cool looking, I think I'm probably going to stick with using QuakeSpasm because I personally prefer the old school look of Quake to the newer engine stuff.

                    I may explore the DarkPlaces engine in an upcoming episode but I don't think I'll ever fully switch over to it. I appreciate the feedback though! As far as helping me, if you have any other suggestions, I'm all ears. =)

                    I think that the old school look of FPS is on the upswing with releases like Strafe and DUSK, so hopefully people seeking out Quake again or for the first time will find the show. =)

                    MadGypsy Ha, well if I don't (doh-n't?)catch the Simpsons, at least we downed Seinfeld. Thanks for watching man!


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                      Dusk is released?
                      *Dropping quake like a hot potato*

                      No matter what you play next, i will watch it. You're pretty much the communities Bob Ross of Quake ( Oh, look. An Ogre! Now what do we do? A grenade here, a rocket there - see, you can't do anything wrong with rockets!).
                      I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
                      My little gore mod :


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                        bob Ross of quake

                        hahaha exactly!!! Seriously, arrrcee takes a violent shoot-em-up demonic game and turns it into something bordering therapeutic.

                        @day of the lords

                        No worries, any 'suggestions' I throw your way are merely that, not so much requests. Just something to bring to your attention for future reference. Don't feel pressured or anything.
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                          TheKillingJoke LOL! Wow, that was good! I think I'm going to have to make a trailer for the show and include that line. Oh, and get a good wig too.

                          Dutch No worries Dutch! I know I've had a few people message me in the past and ask "Where is my request!" So I'm just putting that out there for anyone making requests. I write them all down, but never sure when I'll get to them.