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The Quake Grave #192 - Qump Part 1

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  • The Quake Grave #192 - Qump Part 1

    After last weeks spooky episode, we're taking a look at the recently released QUMP or Quake Upstart Mapping Project. This project has been in development for a while but it's finally out!

    This video is Part 1, featuring the first 5 maps of the 10 that are available. Most of the authors involved here are relatively new to the scene and the ones that aren't included some early created maps of theirs (I learned this after I played). It's awesome to see all of the new talent arriving to create new maps for us 21 years after the game was released! Part 2 will be available next week!

    Check out the QUMP Project here:

    If you want to watch even more Quake Grave, the playlist with all of the episodes is here:

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    Nice map choice, Nice constructive review too.
    Keep them coming Arrrcee

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