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The Quake Grave #196 - Arcane Dimensions Part 11 - Crucial Error, The Underearth

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  • The Quake Grave #196 - Arcane Dimensions Part 11 - Crucial Error, The Underearth

    Arcane Dimensions continues on with Episode 196 as we jump into Crucial Error and The Underearth!

    You can watch all of the Arcane Dimensions series here:

    If you want to watch even more Quake Grave, the playlist with all of the episodes is here:

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    I enjoy watching these as much as I enjoy playing the maps myself. Another awesome vid, keep em coming and thanks! There aren't many youtube videos I can watch all the through before getting bored. For your own entertainment, you should try and find the rest of the key cards on crucial error...a pretty interesting secret if you can find them all (the circuit boards or whatever they are).
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      Dutch Thanks man, that means a lot! I'm really glad that people are digging the playthroughs. Okay, does Crucial Error contain one of the Runes? Is that what you're collecting for? I managed to play through Arcane Dimensions and not find even one Rune! lol


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        yes it does! So does foggy bogbottom and I think firetop mountain. To be honest I don't remember where the last one is. I found it at some point in time...

        AD makes you work for the runes, it's never just shoot a button, open a door, and out pops a rune. You almost always have to collect seemingly unobvious items and find a big secret location that links them all together.

        I woke up sick today so I called in to work and am gonna just kick back and watch quake grave lol
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          Yea, AD makes you work for many of the secrets in the maps, Runes or no.

          Ha! I guess I can now tout the Quake Grave as a cold and flu remedy. =P


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            Forgot: Dutch get well soon. But not too soon ;-)
            I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
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              haha thanks buddy!
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