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The Quake Grave #197 - Arcane Dimensions Part 12 - Arcane Monstrosity, The Horde o...

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  • The Quake Grave #197 - Arcane Dimensions Part 12 - Arcane Monstrosity, The Horde o...

    These keep coming in fast and quick! Arcane Dimensions Part 12 is now available and features 2 classic maps from Sock: Arcane Monstrosity and The Horde of Zendar. I had a ton of fun with these and if you haven't played them, you should do yourself a favor and load them up immediately!

    You can watch all of the Arcane Dimensions series here:

    If you want to watch even more Quake Grave, the playlist with all of the episodes is here:

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    Nice playthrough and review! The Hordes of Zendar is more or less a perfectly designed map indeed! Didn't play the metal Monstrosity yet. But as i watched you playing i got the expression that it feels like a puzzle at first and arranges its parts as you play through it, every piece falling in its place at the right time. It's a really nice take on a maze-like dungeon! I seldom see "floating isle" maps in any game with such a quality. It too compliments the player skill based gamestyle of Quake very much.

    The two maps that i played from AD felt like the whole mod is a new Quake game (Let's say Quake 2 ). I'm still saving it for the next time i have nothing to play or mod anymore.
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      Zendar is still my favorite! I REALLY hope sock includes ivory tower in the next release, that's a great map too.
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        TheKillingJoke Dutch I don't think I can disagree, Horde of Zendar is just that damn good! Personally, I think I liked it more Forgotten Sepulcher! Foprgotten Sepulcher may be what many consider the best Quake map at this point, but I kind of enjoyed my myself more in Zendar. Amazing map!

        ​​​​​​​Arcane Monstrosity is worth playing because out of all of Socks maps that I have played, it feels the most different. It's well constructed and executed and takes the idea of a Base map and turns it on its head.

        Also completely agree with you statement about it being kind of a Quake 2. I feel like I said the same thing to someone about it, if Quake 2 never happened, this feels much more like the authentic, actual Quake 2.