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The Quake Grave #200 - 207 - Quake 2 Playthrough! Happy 20th Birthday Quake 2!

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    And of course, the final episode for main Quake 2, Uni 9 and the Final Boss! Thanks for wathcing everyone, I'll be back next week with more Quake action!


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      This have been 9 enjoyable playthgrough! i forgot how smoothe Quake 2 was animated in comparison to Quake 1. I think i will port some of the Q2 things over to the mod i'm working on, i like the idea of making the Quake usable by a key. Also those armor shards are nice. They have something similar in Doom. All around Quake 2 has much in common with Doom, as you said! And i must say, it had a good load of mods too, i think even the havok physics engine started as a Quake 2 mod. But i can confuse it with the Havok weapon mod. Wouldn't they be so iconic, i would port half of the Q2 monsters over to Q1...

      Anyway, thank you sincerly for the 9 hours of fragfest and be praised for saving the earth from a second wave of Stroggs! May your enthusiasm to make the Grave never fade
      Thank you for those hours!
      I'm off now to buy Q2 at or wherever i find it. Lost my cd ages ago.
      I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
      My little gore mod :