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  • HD Texture Sets?

    Hi there,
    Like quite a number of players I've always been a fan of using custom maps to keep Quake interested and "fresh". As part of my humble and very meager efforts at putting my toe in the world of Game Dev I've been seeing if it possible to port some of the better Quake maps in to a more up to date engine and making the look and feel a bit more 21st century. I'm very poor graphically but to b e honest the QRP textures (thanks Moon / Mr Key) have been a bit of a god send as they really improve the appearance of the updated maps. With this in mind, does anyone know of any other QRP type sources for custom maps such as Cleaver, Aerowalk, Basewalk, North, Spine as they are on my to-do list. I know Talisa made a massive contribution to the community with her HD thread but I can't find it since this site was "updated", and I don't recall if these maps were included. Any useable links or words or constructive advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks

    Kind regards

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