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    The video shows promise. The normal map for your bricks is negative. The brick should protrude slightly more than the mortar. I've built and tuck-pointed plenty of brick walls. The situation your wall depicts would not only be very complicated to reproduce in real life it is impossible to maintain. Less than a year of weather would wash away all the protruding mortar. Even with no weather that stuff would be falling off in chunks in low/no humidity.


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      Hi MG
      Thanks for contributing I have to agree with you, on the video and even in the mini screenshot on this thread it does look that way. I just fired it back up again and although in game it doesn't seem to look as bad, it does seem to be a bit odd as the Insane bump app seems to have put the dark side at the top if each brick (see screenshot). If anything it looks a little offset to my untrained eye.

      I'll have a tweak with the settings in Insanebump and see if I can fix it.

      I don't know if you can access this but I did a quick export of just the WIP e1m7 level (at!AqxgY7srs-bFpxqW3o_PTFn6HOVQ) in case creative and helpful people like yourself, Talisa, seven, etc wanted to take a peak or have better ideas. If anyone does want to take a look then please bear in mind that it is a VERY rough unfinished version, it will be broken and full of bugs, please thoroughly virus check it before using, and you use it at your own risk, etc. Oh and press q to exit.

      Kind regards

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        Move the shadow to the mortar and decrease it's "intensity" to 20% of whatever it is (maybe even lower). That should make the mortar look inset or at least get you in the pocket.

        Another thing I noticed is that your lights are too hot. You'll get slow roasted in your main room . Then again, maybe that can be your "thing". You can call the map Rotisserie Ranger . Every time you walk in a hot room all the sweat on your body can turn to steam and a little sound effect can play of the ranger saying "Gah!"

        @virus check
        Lol! I dig your humbleness but, I doubt you are so bad at making games that you accidentally added a virus
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