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Arcane Dimensions in VR

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  • Arcane Dimensions in VR

    In case you haven't seen these kinds of images yet, here's a brief explanation:

    Step 1, adjust your head's position so that the your view of each image is as centered as possible. If you were to draw your sight line, it should be perpendicular to both axis of your screen.

    Step 2, make yourself go cross-eyed. The goal is to look at the left image with your right eye and vice versa.

    If you can't go cross-eyed just like that, put up your index finger over the middle between the left and right image, and then slowly move it towards your face while keeping it in focus.
    You should notice the blurred background starting to split into two layers that move toward each other as you cross your eyes. Practice that for a while and then try doing it without the finger.

    Step 3, shift both layers toward each other so that the left and right image overlap exactly. If you've done step 1 correctly and maintain this eye-position for a while, the new image will start coming into focus and eventually "snap" into existence.

    Once you've reached that stage, your mind has accepted this new eye position and you're free to look around within the borders of the image free of the constant strain of crossing your eyes.

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    Thanks, Easy, simple explanations to the point.I'm looking forward to try it.