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  • The active entity limits are unfortunate, but they are a bit higher than vanilla at least. It's just annoying having to choose between "hmm, do i want a lot of stuff for the mood, or do i want a lot of enemies"

    At least brushwork is unlimited now, that's a massive plus since you can create near unlimited static details.

    SoC - Crusader Demo Patch file - Hexen II - Shadows of Chaos mod for Hexen II - Mod DB

    ^ There's that crusader patch, hopefully should make him a little more fun on the harder difficulties.

    Also btw, coop is recommended for hard difficulty, each difficulty has its own enemy spawns and I'd say normal is closer to traditional hard


    • There are workarounds for some of the issues I had.
      For the lack of the ambient sounds you can try to use some compilations. For example for the cave map you could create/use some compilation consisting of some cave wind humming with occasional ice creaking, though it woud have to be longer for one not to notice the looping. And just this one sound can be played thoughout the entire cave system.

      About the leaned floor/stairs I noted before. You can try to fake it without changing the map layout using the clip brushes. So for example stair/platform can be leaned on the borders, however, if you put narrow clip brush there the player is able to walk through it fluidly. I also find it neccessary to use clip brushes when making some detailed rock cliffs as the player is able to climb very steep surfaces and thus often accessing places he is not supposed to get into.


      • Ciao Ragazzi!
        Felice e Divertente Estate a Tutti!

        il creatore delle mappe e dei mission packs per HeXen II

        prossimamente! .. Mission Pack by RinoEVO!

        sagratoevo (2).jpg
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        • Wow! great to see people still working on Hexen II. Props to you all


          • Mod looks great! I noticed you're using a version of uhexen2 that supports bsp2, I desperately need it for my own maps. Is there a place I can download it, or should I just use the engine files from your release? I can't tell if they've incorporated it into the main uHexen2 release yet.